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In law, a situation in which the amount of land on a property increases or decreases due to a sudden (not a gradual) action of water. For example, a flood changing the course of a river may result in avulsion. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction in which it occurs, an avulsion may or may not change property lines or even government borders.


A sudden and perceptible loss or addition to property as a result of the action of water either taking soil from one property and leaving it on another,or by virtue of a river or other running water changing the course of its bed.The rule is that boundary lines described with reference to the midpoint of the stream will remain at the midpoint of the old stream, and not the midpoint of the new stream. This is because of the sudden nature of the change, so that people may reasonably notice and mark the location of the old stream bed as a matter of reference.

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Plain radiographs of the pelvis may reveal enthesophyte formation in cases of chronic tendinopathy or bony avulsion in cases of acute injury.
Avulsion fractures of the sublime tubercle of the ulna have been reported in throwing athletes with chronic medial elbow pain, although these are much less common than injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament complex.
4), (5), (7) In this case, we report a previously unreported complication, which was penile skin avulsion, in a case of self-circumcision performed by a razor blade.
The majority had drawn upon the law of avulsion, though it had not even been considered by the district court.
In 1995, Sataloff et al reported a case of misdiagnosed vocal fold avulsion in a patient who had sustained a clothesline-type injury.
Supraclavicular rupture or avulsion accounts for about 70% of brachial plexus injuries and among these the upper roots are involved 70% of the time.
X-rays showed an avulsion fracture of the cuboid bone in her right foot.
These modes are (1) extrusion due to marsupialization, (2) extrusion due to permigration, (3) extrusion due to infection and abscess formation, (4) extrusion due to avulsion, and (5) extrusion due to any combination of the just listed failure modes.
Following traumatic avulsion or malposition, there is a period of time during which a tooth can be successfully replaced in its socket.
If not promptly relieved, shoulder dystocia can result in stretching and avulsion of the cervical nerve root in the child's brachial plexus, the undisputed cause of the child's injury in this case.
When a piece of bone is pulled away, it is known as an avulsion fracture.
This patient had a prior remote infrarenal aortic aneurysm repair, complete visceral debranching, and intraoperative/postoperative hypotension from significant intraoperative blood loss due to avulsion of the left renal artery during debranching.