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In law, a situation in which the amount of land on a property increases or decreases due to a sudden (not a gradual) action of water. For example, a flood changing the course of a river may result in avulsion. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction in which it occurs, an avulsion may or may not change property lines or even government borders.


A sudden and perceptible loss or addition to property as a result of the action of water either taking soil from one property and leaving it on another,or by virtue of a river or other running water changing the course of its bed.The rule is that boundary lines described with reference to the midpoint of the stream will remain at the midpoint of the old stream, and not the midpoint of the new stream. This is because of the sudden nature of the change, so that people may reasonably notice and mark the location of the old stream bed as a matter of reference.

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Plain radiography and computed tomography (CT) showed the avulsed fragment at the ACL attachment site of the right tibia to be completely displaced from the tibial bone mass.
A more specialized medium that can be used to store the avulsed tooth is the Hanks balanced salt solution.
The case report concludes that avulsed teeth transported in pasteurized milk, replanted after a delay of 12 h has a survival rate of more than 36 months.
The tooth was reimplanted into the socket (Fig 2) after meticulous inspection and irrigation of the avulsed tooth with saline and bleeding was also induced in the socket.
School teachers' knowledge of tooth avulsion and dental first aid before and after receiving information about avulsed teeth and replantation.
In any case, the dentist will splint (attach) the avulsed tooth to the teeth on either side with a soft wire and/or composite material.
Presence of viable periodontal ligament cells is the most important factor in determining the final prognosis of an avulsed tooth.
Therefore most total and near-total rupture injuries of pectoralis major muscle are located at the distal muscle-tendon junction area or the tendon is avulsed from the humeral bone [1'18].
Important differential diagnostic considerations of synovial osteochondromatosis in the knee include pigmented villonodular synovitis, osteoarthritis, chondrosarcoma, osteochondroma, osteochondritis dissecans, and fracture with an avulsed fragment.
Dirty avulsed permanent teeth can be placed in milk, a balanced salt solution, or saliva (but not water) until the patient can be seen by the dentist.
The hyperextension teardrop is differentiated from the hyperextension dislocation by the morphology of the avulsed fracture fragment.
1), with an avulsed distal common bile duct and ampulla of Vater (Fig.