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In law, a situation in which the amount of land on a property increases or decreases due to a sudden (not a gradual) action of water. For example, a flood changing the course of a river may result in avulsion. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction in which it occurs, an avulsion may or may not change property lines or even government borders.
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A sudden and perceptible loss or addition to property as a result of the action of water either taking soil from one property and leaving it on another,or by virtue of a river or other running water changing the course of its bed.The rule is that boundary lines described with reference to the midpoint of the stream will remain at the midpoint of the old stream, and not the midpoint of the new stream. This is because of the sudden nature of the change, so that people may reasonably notice and mark the location of the old stream bed as a matter of reference.

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Comparative evaluation of maintenance of cell viability of an experimental transport media" coconut water" with Hank's balanced salt solution and milk, for transportation of an avulsed tooth: An in vitro cell culture study.
Limited range of motion due to pain or effusion from the avulsed tubercle can cause the variation in reported incidence.
(18) conducted a research and reported that an efficient splint is essential for the maintenance of the avulsed tooth; there are several forms and materials for splinting, such as: resin, by itself or with a flexible arch of nylon or metal wire, orthodontic brackets with malleable arch, and vestibular arches or bars.
A 12-year-old boy had reported to the department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry with avulsed teeth, carried in pasteurized milk.
When presented with a scenario in which they find an avulsed tooth or a tooth fragment, 14.6% of the teachers would not touch it.
(1) They were all traced to a bleeding segment of the artery of Sampson from an avulsed portion of the uterine round ligament.
CT's advantage is more significant when Achilles tendon calcaneal insertion breaks and combined with avulsed bone (Figures 5(a)-5(e)).
DREZ lesioning is chosen for plexus or root lesions where the root(s) or plexus has been avulsed from the spinal cord and the DREZ relay cells are hyperactive, which contributes to the pain.
"Diseases that affect all the claws usually start with just one claw that gets broken or avulsed (detached)."
The lower pole of the kidney was totally avulsed, but still perfused via a segmental arterial branch (Fig.
Results after replantation of avulsed permanent teeth.