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Describing a contract that comes into force, but which a court may or is likely to nullify it before its completion. A voidable contract may (but does not necessarily) violate the law. See also: Rescission.


Capable of being set aside and rendered not enforceable, but not inherently without legal effect. Contracts made by minor children are voidable when they reach the age of majority, but are not automatically void. Contrast with void.

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17-02834-FLK7 Darrel Avoid Lien Document: 21 12/29/17
Avoid tiger meat or Tiger beer as well as gourmet monkey brains or dishes.
Talking to reporter, Dr Arif Majeed said that people should avoid to use oily and fried foods while substandard juices should also be avoided to buy from vendors.
ABOLISH the non-dom rules so that wealthy people are not able to use loopholes to avoid paying tax like the rest of us, while introducing a temporary residence rule for those genuinely in the UK for a short period like university students.
The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change are inviting bids for a second phase of AVOID, which will use scientifically robust methods to answer policy-relevant research questions and effectively communicate these to a wide audience.
Drivers were forced to swerve suddenly to avoid the motorist who was near Junction 18 of the eastbound carriageway at Llandudno Junction.
Climate scientists from the UK and US came to this conclusion at an international workshop on the UK AVOID program in Washington, DC exploring the most policy-relevant aspects of understanding dangerous climate change.
3 : to keep from doing or being <Brian turned back to avoid embarrassing the pilot .
Dear Miriam WE'RE going on a Nile trip and want to avoid stomach upsets on our holiday.
Once that rollover took place, the only way for her to avoid the 10% penalty for a premature distribution was to qualify for one of the other exceptions listed under IRC section 72(t).
The main objectives of the teaching alliance were to help students conduct effective research using library resources and avoid plagiarism.
Their placement allowed them to avoid hot afternoon summer sun.