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This bleak, averagely told story makes you wonder why the UK Film Council and BBC Films stumped up the cash to turn it into a forgettable movie.
Yet here was a moderately produced, averagely researched piece of tabloid journalism suggesting racing is corrupt creating apparent mayhem in the media at large.
Professional punter Sidney Harris's lightweight volume contains just 96 pages and no narrative beauty-a fact that might be excusable, were it not that most of the content, on the subject of how to make your betting pay, will convey little that is novel to the averagely clued-up punter.
These two averagely gifted, exceptionally ambitious pop entertainers have been waging war on the US for some time - desperate to overpower its resistance and subjugate its masses.
Once bog-standard is in place, every child in Northern Ireland will have the opportunity to perform as averagely as those in Britain.
He wasn't a bad minister really, and was no more than averagely economical with the truth.
"I'm an averagely fit 40-year-old and play some five-a-side, but my knees have always been my biggest problem.
The averagely number of citizens ranges from 70 to 100 people, said State Registration Service.
Student of the Year, which came out in 2012 was rated with 5/10 stars on IMDB, and was received averagely by its audience.
SOCAR said that it exports averagely around 1 million barrels of crude oil from Nigeria per month.
A property tax rate of 0.5 per cent would mean an annual tax bill of PS1,243 for the owner of an averagely priced UK home valued at PS248,611, it said.