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Available Asset

1. An asset that is not being used as collateral on a loan and may therefore be sold or donated. In other words, an available asset is any asset with no restrictions on its use.

2. See: Liquid asset.

available asset

A person's or a firm's asset that is not being used as collateral for a loan and is therefore available for general use or for sale.
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It was agreed between the parties however that she should only pay a "nominal" sum of PS10 at this stage as there were no other available assets.
On top of nine years' imprisonment, Richard Harrison has seen the culmination of a full financial investigation of his finances going back to 2006, and the loss of all his available assets.
Craig Singh also made PS564,760 but no agreement was reached on his available assets and his hearing was adjourned until next month, along with Kuldip Singh's.
The company currently operates at 25 to 30 percent capacity and plans to capitalize on this capacity as well as the available assets during the pro forma period.
A spokesman at Valero said the company has stated previously that it would be interested in looking at available assets in Europe but he declined to comment on the report.
We believe we can enhance the service to Continental's former customers through an upgraded equipment fleet, excellent technology, more available assets for dispatch, and an outstanding safety record.
Yesterday at a further hearing at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Beatrice Bolton found both the benefit Routledge had made from his illegal trading and his available assets was pounds 110,000.
She was jailed for 14 months and ordered to pay pounds 13,644 of available assets to the company.
The decision is based on an evaluation of the best commercial use by Aer Lingus of its available assets in terms of aircraft and slots at Heathrow.
It should identify available assets and their capabilities, as well as an execution time line and scheme of operations, highlighting all critical junctions leading up to and through the special event.
The Coast Guard Group Hampton Roads forwarded the boater's distress call to all available assets in the area and HSC-28 diverted a helicopter to support the rescue.
Manage end-to-end capacities and available assets across the end-to-end chain to best support warfighter requirements

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