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Available Asset

1. An asset that is not being used as collateral on a loan and may therefore be sold or donated. In other words, an available asset is any asset with no restrictions on its use.

2. See: Liquid asset.
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available asset

A person's or a firm's asset that is not being used as collateral for a loan and is therefore available for general use or for sale.
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At the court hearing this week Forsyth, who is in his 60s, was ordered to pay back his available assets within a three-month period or face a further four-year jail term.
Ian Ibrahim, for Thomas, said the bulk of the available assets was in the form of life insurance policies, and the remainder in the defendant's interests in two properties.
The court heard that figure may in fact be smaller as the defendant denies he owns the quad bike which is included in the available assets.
Warren Rimmer, of Morston Avenue, Kirkby, was found to have benefited to the tune of PS25,054, with available assets of PS1,660.
In a short hearing, it was agreed the businessman made PS38,500 from criminal activity, but he had no available assets.
1MDB is not bankrupt and still capable of of repaying its debt, while developing its available assets. This is an undeniable fact.
A conference entitled "Public-Private Cooperation in Creating Innovation Clusters: Available Assets and Use of Local Raw Materials" was held in Baku on March 16.
Nato said the Nolcom will use every available assets in order to protect its area of jurisdictions, especially from the intruding Chinese.
The available assets are already pledged as security under the company's senior credit agreements, as well as the agreements governing the company's subordinated convertible notes.
The purpose of this project, which is principally staffed by university research students, is to optimize the performance of unmanned aerial vehicles when flying in fleets manned aircraft, in order to make the best use of available assets for any given mission.
Arch MI estimated the amount of "available assets" as defined by the draft requirements that would be required by the FHFA eligibility requirements if they were applied to Arch Mi's portfolio as of June 30.

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