available asset

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Available Asset

1. An asset that is not being used as collateral on a loan and may therefore be sold or donated. In other words, an available asset is any asset with no restrictions on its use.

2. See: Liquid asset.

available asset

A person's or a firm's asset that is not being used as collateral for a loan and is therefore available for general use or for sale.
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The expense coverage ratio is calculated by dividing available assets by all annual expenses other than depreciation.
But at this stage only available assets can be seized from the couple and Recorder Rippon was told that Small's assets amounted to just PS29,071-55 and Lewis' totalled PS100,381-78, which included around PS42,000 from the sale of a property.
Asset Management using Phoenix's Agentless Technology - instantly available asset management information that provides IT managers with detailed data on the managed server hardware, firmware and software.
The Available Assets are already pledged as security under the Company's senior credit agreements, as well as the agreements governing the Company's subordinated convertible notes.
The "nominal" payment was ordered by a judge yesterday after an investigation into Kathleen Baldacchino's finances revealed she had no available assets.
When the hearing resumed before Judge Thomas Crowther QC, crown prosecutor Gareth James and defence barrister Lee Reynolds agreed the value of all Hirst's available assets now amounted to PS136,296.
Prospective buyers may also call the Asset Management and Disposal Group at (02) 841-4651 for inquiries on available assets.
He was this week left penniless after Edinburgh High Court ordered to repay his PS48,000 available assets.
The purpose of this project, which is principally staffed by university research students, is to optimize the performance of unmanned aerial vehicles when flying in fleets manned aircraft, in order to make the best use of available assets for any given mission.
David Gansberg, president and chief executive officer of Arch MI, said, "We welcome the new standards in the draft [Private Mortgage Insurer Eligibility Requirements (PMIERs)] as a prudent means of ensuring that approved mortgage insurers have the necessary available assets and financial strength to fulfill their contractual obligation to pay claims in a wide range of macroeconomic environments.
Over the past two years, investments were considerably lower than expected, given the available assets and the historical interest of foreign and local investors.
However he must pay back just PS9,650 as his only available assets are two vehicles and a registration plate.

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