available asset

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Available Asset

1. An asset that is not being used as collateral on a loan and may therefore be sold or donated. In other words, an available asset is any asset with no restrictions on its use.

2. See: Liquid asset.

available asset

A person's or a firm's asset that is not being used as collateral for a loan and is therefore available for general use or for sale.
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Although Hillier cannot pay the full amount, prosecutors could apply to re-determine her available assets and ask for more cash at a later stage.
The expense coverage ratio is calculated by dividing available assets by all annual expenses other than depreciation.
The judge told Shaw, who is no longer in custody, that he faced a further 14 months in prison if the available asset sum was not paid.
Nato said the Nolcom will use every available assets in order to protect its area of jurisdictions, especially from the intruding Chinese.
And while the market is yet to cross the total, a quick look at the charts reveals gains across available assets.
Mr Bennett said it was agreed by both sides Walker had benefited to the tune of PS327,650 for his dealings with the Class A drug, and that his available assets were just PS1.
A day after the ambush in Bansalan, Duterte said he would allow the PNP and Air Force Of Phalastin to use all available assets such as fighter jets and rockets to attack NPA rebels.
The court heard he made PS209,770 from his offending, but it was ruled he must pay back just PS38,320 because that is all he has in available assets.
The available assets are already pledged as security under the company's senior credit agreements, as well as the agreements governing the company's subordinated convertible notes.

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