available asset

Available Asset

1. An asset that is not being used as collateral on a loan and may therefore be sold or donated. In other words, an available asset is any asset with no restrictions on its use.

2. See: Liquid asset.
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available asset

A person's or a firm's asset that is not being used as collateral for a loan and is therefore available for general use or for sale.
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Although Hillier cannot pay the full amount, prosecutors could apply to re-determine her available assets and ask for more cash at a later stage.
The judge told Shaw, who is no longer in custody, that he faced a further 14 months in prison if the available asset sum was not paid.
The agency encouraged interested buyers to visit the PDIC website for information on the inventory of available assets for sale.
They established that Forsyth had benefited from his crimes to the value of PS465,554 and had available assets of PS315,000.
Financial investigators had been able to identify some PS196,278.65 in available assets, and he asked the judge to make orders in that amount.
Commodore Roy Echeverria, Coast Guard District Southeastern Mindanao commander and vice chairperson of the council, said that they maximized the use of all available assets for the exercise "to show to the public the preparedness of all member agencies in protecting the city, knowing that a number of national and international activities are slated this year in Davao City."
And how do I better utilise my available assets now?
During the confiscation hearing at Leeds Crown Court, the judge found that Ruckledge had benefitted from general criminal conduct by PS1,619,747.90 and that his available assets were found to total PS396,653.71.
Andrew Jones, prosecuting, told the court the benefit figure from the dealing as far as Kenny was concerned was PS871,000 - though the defendant only had PS11,856.72 in available assets.
The new marketplace showcases the bank's diverse portfolio of available assets and engages a much broader audience of potential buyers and investors than traditional tools available in the market.
'All our sailors, Marines, and available assets aboard the USS Essex have been and will continue to be involved in this incredibly important search and rescue operations,' Olin said.

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