autonomous production

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autonomous production



a situation where all work on a product is produced at one WORKSTATION by an individual or group of individuals. Sometimes also known as ONE WORKER-MULTIPLE MACHINES production. See CELL, CELLULAR MANUFACTURING. Contrast PRODUCTION-LINE.
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Described as "seeing, sensing, thinking, working", this intelligent robot is designed for largely autonomous production in a number of new and different applications -- and comes equipped with a large number of internal sensors from cameras to force sensors.
Whereas some fortunate areas have been able to overcome the blockade through autonomous production initiatives and establishing systems that store and distribute provisions equally among the people, other areas have failed to break the blockade for a number of reasons, the most important being an absence of sufficient supplies amid rising population numbers.
Auto Business News-March 26, 2015--HMC-MM Auto opens first autonomous production and development centre in Manesar, India
Nearby, a set of rare self-portraits by Cooper highlighted a key transition from the autonomous production of works on the printed page to the immateriality of networked systems and design processes that have a life and language of their own.

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