automatic teller machine

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automatic teller machine (ATM)

a cash point (‘hole in the wall’) facility in which a banker's card can be used by a customer of a COMMERCIAL BANK or BUILDING SOCIETY to withdraw cash both inside and outside banking hours. The ‘Link’ network enables customers to use their cards in the ATMs of other banks as well as their own.
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The services to be provided through FamilyMart stores via automatic teller machines will be consumer credit, foreign exchange and insurance premium remittance services, as well as cash deposit and withdrawal services, Niwa told Kyodo News.
The 3M system operates similarly to bank automatic teller machines and increases overall library staff efficiency by allowing patrons to manage the labor-intensive task of checking out materials.
Remember when the Automatic Teller Machines were first introduced?
PHILADELPHIA, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Provident National Bank in Philadelphia have joined forces in a pilot project to introduce automatic teller machines on the toll road.
The group has an extensive distribution network of over 1,400 branches and 5,114 automatic teller machines located throughout Mexico.
Named the "Official Bank of Sprint Center," UMB will also receive a sponsorship, advertising and promotional package which will include permanent signage on the venue's exterior freeway marquees, along the main concourse and in-bowl fascias; the opportunity to locate UMB automatic teller machines inside and outside the arena; the development of messages, features and logo representation on arena video screens and Sprint Center TV network; and a location within Sprint Center to open a banking service center to serve guests attending events.

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