automatic teller machine

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automatic teller machine (ATM)

a cash point (‘hole in the wall’) facility in which a banker's card can be used by a customer of a COMMERCIAL BANK or BUILDING SOCIETY to withdraw cash both inside and outside banking hours. The ‘Link’ network enables customers to use their cards in the ATMs of other banks as well as their own.
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The Zakat Fund on Monday unveiled an automatic teller machine (ATM) in the city of Al Ain as part of its pioneering endeavour to employ the most advanced technology in the collection of Zakat and its distribution.
London, May 20(ANI): John Shepherd-Barron, the Scotsman credited with inventing the world's first automatic teller machine, now known as ATMs, has died after a short illness.
The most famous one is his contribution to the evolution of the automatic teller machine (ATM).
Seven Bank, which operates the nation's largest convenience store-based automatic teller machine, has already filed an application and is likely to get approval for listing next month, the sources said.
58 Queens Road, Nuneaton, installation of automatic teller machine (Ian Paworth);
The branch includes a greeting area, an outdoor automatic teller machine, a two-lane drive-through and an additional lane for ATM services and after-hour deposits.
An old automatic teller machine (ATM) that was removed from a petrol station in western Norway had not been emptied of cash.
When individuals use a debit card to complete point-of-sale transactions with a merchant, they authenticate their identity by entering a personal identification number (PIN) into the keypad terminal, also known as a payment terminal or automatic teller machine (ATM) device.
Sony initially planned to set up the online bank alone, but later decided to take advantage of Sakura's financial expertise and automatic teller machine (ATM) network to further cut costs.
Commenter expressed concerns about the proposed business plan of Bank, under which it would deliver banking products and services to its customers through a combination of telephone, Internet, and automatic teller machine ("ATM") services.
The company specializes in products and services for the development of smart card applications, as well as software for the management of automatic teller machine and point-of-sale terminal networks, online ticket systems, private label cards and loyalty programs.

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