automatic teller machine

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automatic teller machine (ATM)

a cash point (‘hole in the wall’) facility in which a banker's card can be used by a customer of a COMMERCIAL BANK or BUILDING SOCIETY to withdraw cash both inside and outside banking hours. The ‘Link’ network enables customers to use their cards in the ATMs of other banks as well as their own.
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Joseph Navar Downey is accused of abducting a couple as they sat in their car in Sherman Oaks on Monday night, sexually assaulting the woman and forcing the man to withdraw cash from an automatic teller machine.
The jury convicted the career criminal of robbery, burglary, kidnapping for purposes of robbery and carjacking, and two counts of using Avril's automatic teller machine card to make withdrawals.
The arrests may have been a lucky break for police, who had been tracking a group of robbers hitting automatic teller machine vaults in West Los Angeles and throughout the area.
A holdup in August of that year killed a guard and wounded another as they picked up night receipts at a bank automatic teller machine in Venice, and another guard was killed in February 1996 as he picked up cash from a school cafeteria in Carson.

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