automated valuation model

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Automated Valuation Model

A computer model that estimates the value of a piece of real estate. While it is not as detailed as a full appraisal of the property, the automated valuation model is used as a substitute in some situations, such as the extension of a second mortgage or the assessment of property taxes. It is not used in considering a primary mortgage, which requires an appraisal.

automated valuation model (AVM)

Originally a computerized method of estimating large numbers of property values in an efficient,if not entirely accurate,manner;frequently used by tax appraisers to periodically reappraise properties for purposes of real estate taxes. A disgruntled property owner may appeal the valuation and present evidence the computer made a mistake in that particular instance. Today, AVM artificial intelligence has progressed to the level of respectability that lenders use it to appraise property for mortgage loan purposes and the IRS uses it to evaluate a taxpayer's assets.

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While many automated valuation models (AVMs) rely on limited data and basic valuation methods to generate property values, VeroValue leverages the strengths of multiple state-of-the-art predictive technologies to deliver high rates of return and superior accuracy," said Darius Bozorgi, president of Veros Software.
Used primarily by mortgage lenders to pre-screen, underwrite, originate, and enhance quality control, automated valuation models (AVMs) significantly reduce the amount of time and money it takes to assess a property's current market value.
We selected Mortgage Risk's product after extensive testing of several other automated valuation models.
First American Mortgage Solutions was named as an approved distributor based on the company's long-standing history as a leading reseller of several Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) - specifically Freddie Mac's AVM, Home Value Explorer (HVE) to lenders, servicers and investors.
1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- InsideValuation, a nationwide provider of residential and commercial real estate valuation services, has added Replacement Cost Value reports and Automated Valuation Models to its suite of product offerings.
greater use of automated valuation models and other collateral evaluation tools for the development of appraisals and evaluations; and
DataQuick's integrated solutions include property data and analytics, appraisals and non-appraisal evaluations, flood determinations, mortgage credit reports, automated valuation models, automated decisioning software, title insurance and property information, property research portals and marketing tools.
Specifically, the rule requires lenders to tell mortgage applicants within three days of applying for a first mortgage that they are entitled to receive a free copy of any valuation (including appraisals, automated valuation models and broker price opinions) after the reports are completed or three days before the loan closes, whichever comes first.
And unlike most automated valuation models (AVMs), users can specify the desired accuracy level based on the requirements of individual portfolios, according to DataQuick.
The magazine article asserted that automated valuation models could be used to avoid unnecessary appraisals.
Automated Valuation Models Help Lenders and Investors Manage Collateral Risk Throughout the Mortgage Loan Lifecycle -

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