automated guided vehicle

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automated guided vehicle (AGV)

computer controlled vehicles that are used to convey goods between one part of a production unit and another. AGVs are used in manufacturing organizations to convey part finished and finished items between WORKSTATIONS. They can also be used as part of AUTOMATED STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS in WAREHOUSING. See STORE, MATERIALS MANAGEMENT.
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As a result, for conveying operations in plants and warehouses, it becomes possible to transport parcels of various shapes and weights, not by a large, high-cost automated guided vehicle, but through the combination and collaboration of multiple small, low-cost automated guided vehicles.
Comau commercialized the automated guided vehicle (AGV) platform along with its AGV, the Agile1500.
The market for automated guided vehicle (AGV) is expected to grow at the highest CAGR between 2016 and 2022.
22 March 2016 - US-based supply chain technology supplier Dematic has acquired Australia/New Zealand-based automated guided vehicle provider NDC Automation, the company said.
This provides users with highly reliable visual alerts to help increase safety and productivity in indoor and outdoor applications such as Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), utility trucks, trash trucks, logistics, warehousing, access control and security.
THE AUTOMATED GUIDED VEHICLE SYSTEMS (AGVS) Industry Group of the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) reported at Modex that its member companies saw a 25% increase in sales of AGVs in 2011, totaling $108 million.
Two suppliers have combined forces to produce LaserTrucks+, an integrated solution that combines a picking and voice software suite with automated guided vehicle guidance technology and applies it to the PC 4500 series rider pallet truck.
They outline examples to illustrate concepts, theories, and approaches for solving actual application problems and cover applications to automated and reconfigurable manufacturing systems, and automated guided vehicle, semiconductor manufacturing, and flexible assembly systems.
The HyBot combines features of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) system with those of a manually operated motorized pallet jack or "walkie.
Three new product lines include the BST automated guided vehicle tugger, a 42-mm pipe-and-joint system for heavy-duty applications, and a roller conveyor system.
In chapters explaining the challenges of aging by body system, he presents prevention and intervention strategies through technology: from cosmetic surgery and sensory aids to robotic Automated Guided Vehicle Systems.
Although a large percentage of automated guided vehicle installations--about 40%, reckons Garry Koff, manager, AGV Systems, Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems (www.

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