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If an autistic child is engaging in selfstimulating behaviour ('stimming' - spinning around, flapping their hands) because they're anxious, she says there are two possible approaches: stop them stimming, which can also happen when they're excited or happy, or stop what is causing the child anxiety.
the worse part for me is waiting for him to come back from his operation' (Mother of an autistic child)
My husband and I decided that we both needed to find jobs, as it is very costly to look after an autistic child," says Nahid.
The most important problem, in my opinion, is that the autistic child's family does not apply the program at home to complete the educational process, but rather, they continue isolating the child in his personal life, which I find to be wrong.
Parents of autistic kids and any who work with autism need MAKING PEACE WITH AUTISM: ONE FAMILY'S STORY OF STRUGGLE, DISCOVERY, AND UNEXPECTED GIFTS: it provides important keys to coping and discusses the challenges of raising an autistic child. Susan Senator raised a child with a severe autism spectrum disorder along with two other normally-developing boys: her strategies offer invaluable coping insights and shows how the entire family changed and adjusted.
The Autistic child will have symptoms that are linked to Heart, Spleen and Kidney imbalances.
But the changes that occur in these autistic children are more dramatic--more like a metamorphosis in which the autistic child suddenly becomes almost normal.
The avoidance by autistic infants and young children of physical contact is seen to lead to far less physical closeness between the mother and the autistic child than is the case with non-autistic children.
Wilde's AUTISTIC LOGISTICS (9781849037790, $19.95) provides step-by-step advice for parents who want the basics of how to handle an autistic child, from toilet training and sleep routines to social skills.
Washington, August 19 ( ANI ): A new study has claimed that pregnant women, who are unable to make nearly enough thyroid, are nearly 4 times more likely to produce a autistic child.
The family of businessman Veysel E[currency]ahin, a father to an autistic child, is one of the families that cannot find the necessary education opportunities for their children in Turkey.
Everyday Activities to Help Your Young Child with Autism Live Life to the Full offers a fine set of simple exercises to boost functional skills and coordination among the young autistic child and is a fine pick for parents and teachers alike.

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