authorized capital stock

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Authorized Shares

The maximum number of shares a company is allowed to issue. Generally, the company's charter specifies the number of authorized shares, but shareholders can increase or decrease it according to procedures listed in the charter. Typically, the number of authorized shares is larger than the required amount in order to give a company the greatest amount of flexibility. Authorized shares are also called authorized capital stock or simply authorized stock.
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authorized capital stock

The number of shares of capital stock that a business may issue. Authorized capital stock is stated in a firm's articles of incorporation; changes in it may occur only if approved by the stockholders. The number of shares authorized often greatly exceeds the number actually issued. In this way, management can issue more shares to raise additional funds, or it can use the shares to make an acquisition. Also called shares authorized.
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In a separate disclosure, Prime Media said the proposed investment will require an increase in the firm's authorized capital stock for the infusion of said assets.
Prime Media, in a separate disclosure, said the proposed investment would require an increase in the firm's authorized capital stock for the infusion of said assets.
"The increase in authorized capital stock shall enable the corporation to secure properties along Roxas Boulevard, within the reclamation area of the Bay City (Boulevard 2000) development in Paraaaque City, which would be a source of recurring rental income or future income from development projects," Supercity said.
As a result of the additional issue of shares the authorized capital stock get 45% higher, shares will be placed among the current holders aPromsvyaz Capital B.V.
PAL raising capital stock ahead of re-IPO !-- -- Richmond Mercurio (The Philippine Star) - May 31, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines PAL Holdings, the operator of flag-carrier Philippine Airlines, has taken off with its plans to do a re-initial public offering (re-IPO) with a move to increase its authorized capital stock. PAL yesterday secured stockholders approval to raise its authorized capital stock to P20 billion from P13.5 billion.
Authorized capital stock refers to the maximum number of shares that a corporation is legally permitted to issue as specified in its articles of incorporation.
The company is also increasing its authorized capital stock to P75 billion consisting of 75 billion common shares, from the previous P2.8 billion at 2.8 billion common shares.
In its filing, PSBank said the shares represent the remaining unissued shares from its authorized capital stock. The fund-raising will help strengthen its balance sheet to support future growth.
The nearest plans of MCB(B1/B+/B+) involve increase of the authorized capital stock by 17.65% (to 12.7 bn RUR).
is seeking to double its authorized capital stock to allow potential strategic investors to invest in the company and to secure funds in the future.
Yamazaki was supposed to subscribe to an additional 200 million common shares out of the unissued authorized capital stock of Philab at a price of P2.50 per share.

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