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The granting of access to a document or the ability to conduct an activity. Authorization may be limited to a certain transaction or time period, or it may be unlimited. For example, a potential home buyer may grant a lender authorization to view his/her credit reports.
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the granting of permission by a senior manager to a subordinate to undertake a particular task. For example, the chief executive could empower his purchasing officer to buy raw materials and authorize his production manager to buy machinery. The authorization process attempts to make sure that subordinates know the extent of their DELEGATED AUTHORITY.
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9,512), so the number of prior authorizations increased by 73.8% (1,088 vs.
Jack Resneck Jr., MD, chair-elect of the AMA board of trustees, described the document as a "good initial step" toward reducing the difficulties imposed by prior authorizations.
Practitioners must mail or fax their authorization forms to the applicable CAF unit (Ogden, Utah; Memphis, Tenn.; or Philadelphia) unless they check the box on line 4 of Form 2848 or 8821, indicating that the form is for a specific use not recorded on the CAF.
* Publication 4019, Third Party Authorization, Levels of Authority: This publication provides a nice summary chart of various types of authorizations (purpose, how authority is granted, etc.).
Even if we did not find that a prescribed authorization falls within the umbrella of the word "assignment" as used in 11 NYCRR 65-3.11 (a), we would still hold that the recipient of an authorization to pay is obligated to submit to an EUO.
But waiting for the administration to make the first move would ensure that Congress won't vote on an authorization until next year.
authorization was the result of the present government's struggle against him.
The following documents are needed: a passport whose validity does not exceed the validity term of the requested visa with at least six months; an application form, duly competed and signed; documents justifying the purpose and the condition of the travel, i.e., in case of employees, the endorsement of a work authorization application.
In contrast, no standby authorities appear to be triggered automatically by an authorization for the use of force, although the executive branch has argued, with varying success, that the authorization to use force in response to the terrorist attacks of 2001 provided a statutory exception to certain statutory prohibitions.
However, it quickly became obvious that a major overhaul of the consent and authorization guidelines was needed.
The bank's web-based mobile authorisation feature is expected to allow corporate users to benefit from mobility in electronic-transactional authorization with their smartphones.
The Agency for Health Care Administration is required to develop a universal patient authorization form to document patient authorization for the use or release of an identifiable health record.

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