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The granting of access to a document or the ability to conduct an activity. Authorization may be limited to a certain transaction or time period, or it may be unlimited. For example, a potential home buyer may grant a lender authorization to view his/her credit reports.


the granting of permission by a senior manager to a subordinate to undertake a particular task. For example, the chief executive could empower his purchasing officer to buy raw materials and authorize his production manager to buy machinery. The authorization process attempts to make sure that subordinates know the extent of their DELEGATED AUTHORITY.
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Practitioners must mail or fax their authorization forms to the applicable CAF unit (Ogden, Utah; Memphis, Tenn.
Any exploitation of an open-ended authorization has the potential to damage reputations held by a diverse array of equivocating recipients.
For HIV/AIDS drugs, utilization management tools such as prior authorization and step therapy are generally not employed in widely used, best practice formulary models (except as noted in Attachment I [which allows prior authorization for patients starting Fuzeon]) .
We have received full support from DFW International Airport on this program and we are honored that TSA has given us authorization to provide this offering to our customers.
New York initially received final authorization of its hazardous waste program in 1986.
A&B will have approximately 350,000 shares remaining under its prior share repurchase authorization.
The new authorization platform, the Visa Integrated Processing (V.
The News-Press has requested that the NLRB postpone hearings on the Teamsters' petition to determine the correct bargaining unit for an election until their full and independent investigation of the union's conduct and the authorization cards can be completed.
net) implementation of the technology portion of the prior authorization project.
We collect our intelligence about a transaction during the initial authorization request via devices at a merchant's bank, rather than creating a separate, unnecessary step to make the transaction flow through our central systems," said Dunbar.
covered entities must first obtain an individual's specific authorization before sending them marketing materials.
Healthcare providers, plans and clearinghouses (repricing and billing companies) may not use or disclose individually identifiable health information in oral, written or electronic form without prior written authorization from the individual named.

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