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The granting of access to a document or the ability to conduct an activity. Authorization may be limited to a certain transaction or time period, or it may be unlimited. For example, a potential home buyer may grant a lender authorization to view his/her credit reports.


the granting of permission by a senior manager to a subordinate to undertake a particular task. For example, the chief executive could empower his purchasing officer to buy raw materials and authorize his production manager to buy machinery. The authorization process attempts to make sure that subordinates know the extent of their DELEGATED AUTHORITY.
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Unfortunately, with the retirement of the online Disclosure Authorization product in 2013 (which allowed practitioners to file Forms 2848 and 8821 electronically), mailing or faxing these forms are the only filing options.
The CAF authorization rules: The IRS CAF webpage (available at tinyurl.
Protections promised by these authorization schemes assume the recipient is able to clearly see the email address and that removal of unauthorized messages will be effective at thwarting phishing attempts.
Despite this clear rule, there have been widespread complaints that Medicare health plans have demanded prior authorization for antiretrovirals.
Standard Health Care Transaction and Code Set: by standardizing data content, codes and electronic formats, all health plans will be required to accept these standard electronic claims, referral authorizations and other transactions.
The authorization process should evidence the consumer's identity and assent to the authorization.
In a model supporting exceptions, it is also desirable that users be allowed to state, for each authorization they grant, whether the authorization admits exceptions or not.
Consent as embodied in an authorization to release does not necessarily give former employers license to tell everything about a former employee to everyone.
Authorization systems can be based on paper authorization forms, on telephone contact, or on electronic communication between providers and the health plan, with providers entering data directly into the authorization system from personal computers.
state-issued driver's license with photo, school registration card with photo); and one for work authorization (e.

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