audit trail

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Audit trail

Resolves the validity of an accounting entry by a step-by-step record by which accounting data can be traced to their source.
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Audit Trail

A record of the transactions in a trade from the beginning to the end. The SEC and the NYSE use the audit trail when investigating irregularities and potential trading violations.
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audit trail

A record of business transactions that can be used by an interested party to trace an organization's activities to original documents. Audit trails are used to verify account balances.
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audit trail

a trail of primary documents such as INVOICES, and LEDGER entries, for example sales ledger records, which are used to identify how ACCOUNTING records have been kept. By selecting a sample of primary documents and ledger entries an AUDITOR can check the completeness and accuracy of a firm's accounting system.
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By outsourcing the web portal, audit trail, and permissions management of the wireless lock access to the cloud, long-term savings can be realized because IT departments will not need to set up and manage these security applications as part of their enterprise computing platform.
"Section 21 CFR 11.10(e) requires persons who use electronic record systems to maintain an audit trail as one of the procedures to protect the authenticity, integrity, and, when appropriate, the confidentiality of electronic records.
Those important audit trails supporting data integrity also must be managed like result files--they are equally important!
"The type of audit trails tracked in the solution I represent, Microsoft Dynamics, are quickly emerging as a must-have for today's manufacturing professional."
With a robust audit trail function in place, information never before available may provide fodder for the savvy litigant.
FIX claims that it can provide further benefits, such as faster implementation and processing of information and a reduced burden on regulatory resources, if it is chosen to manage the audit trail.
This Windows-based system includes functions such as transaction entry, user-defined fields, reporting, sample-movement tracking, search options, and audit trails. This system will work with either an upright or chest refrigerator or freezer, and utilizes an audit trail that tracks entries, updates, and deletions by each user, helping the lab meet regulatory requirements.
This unique capacity provides the fullest possible Sarbanes-Oxley compliant audit trail available and is widely embraced by the accounting and legal community.
They all recognize the value of a single, global standard for representing everything necessary along with the audit information supply chain and facilitating the reestablishment of the seamless audit trail.
And he warned that once HMRC starts to investigate, they initiate an audit trail which 'means that customers have every chance of being visited and audited by HMRC too'.
It also rates applications, calculates, quotes, invoices and provides policy certificates, all the while creating an audit trail.
The Authentify solution provides a trusted, real-time mechanism for the management of digital credentials and username/password systems for employees, trading partners, and customers while also ensuring the availability of a comprehensive audit trail. Authentify is privately held and based in Chicago, Illinois.