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According to the official, at present the interior ministry has "10 or 15" auctioneers, and plans to recruit an additional 25.
Bill Ekleberry Auctioneer, Spencer Country Inn, Route 9, Spencer
Ms Sedgewick added: "This is meant to be a light-hearted competition, and already I have auctioneers knocking on my door to enter.
Agra livestock auctioneer, Fanie Cronje again performed exceptionally well in the Veeplaas/Toyota SA Auctioneer competition end of April at the Bloemfontein Show, coming a close second amongst eleven competitors in the junior class.
The competition is open to people who are members of, or work for a member of, the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers (NAVA) or divisions of the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP).
Some auctioneers enable you to place bids on lots via the internet and you may even be able to bid live at the auction room, through the internet.
Last year, it was runner-up to Christie''s in the Online Auctioneer of the Year awards.
Like singers who depend on their voices, auctioneers also have to learn to "tough through it" when it comes to feeling punk during cold season, he said.
It is an entry level qualification, broadly level three on the national qualifications framework, and provides a thorough grounding in the techniques of auctioneering and in the legal framework within which auctioneers must operate.
FOLLOWING David Pim's retirement from the rostrum after 31 years, I wish to add my tribute to an amazing auctioneer.
Everyone thinks furniture, but certain documents are valuable--slave documents, bills of sale, stocks, and bonds," says Phoenix-based auctioneer Rowlan Hill.