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In addition, Kilyachkov, Chaldaeva, & Kilyachkov (2015, 2016, 2017a, 2017b) demonstrated the necessity of studying attractors of approximating polynomials (1).
In this case, previous studies developed in the same line of investigation have revealed that the occupied spaces by the normal attractor are bigger compared with the pathological attractors, the occupation values of the Kp and Kg grids differentiate in this context normality from acute disease [6,7].
Volume one of the two-volume set introduces the global attractor and estimation of Hausdorff and fractal dimensions for some dissipative nonlinear evolution equations in modern physics, explores the existence and smoothness of inertial manifolds, and uses the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations as an example to illustrate the variety of approximate inertial manifolds and their error estimation.
In Section 2, we recall some notations and results on pullback attractors for random dynamical systems.
Then, cells spanning obstacles are set to the potential value 1 (repulsors) to avoid collisions, while cells containing target or goal locations for NPCs are set to 0 (attractors).
Multistability is associated with the presence of coexisting attractors with different initial conditions [20], Jerk oscillators can exhibit multistability despite their simplicity [27-31], Recently, Njitacke et al.
Self-excited attractors are connected with unstable equilibriums, but a hidden attractor is not connected with equilibria, for instance, those in the systems without equilibria or only one stable equilibrium [28, 29].
Despite the relative simplicity of their electronic circuits, the proposed circuit is characterized by rich and striking nonlinear behaviors such as chaos, anti-monotonicity, multiple coexisting attractors.
In [17] was shown that the surface gravity accelerations of the planets in the solar system correspond with attractor nodes of stability in chain systems of protons and electrons.
Wang, "An energy equation for the weakly damped driven nonlinear Schrodinger equations and its application to their attractors," Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, vol.
The main gravitational attractor in the mapped area is the Virgo Cluster, with 600 trillion times the mass of the Sun, 50 million light years from us.
We need to review and re-orient our national security proverbs and metaphors toward new threat attractors. Threat perception alone being a sinew of intelligence will not do; it is going to be our Interactive Geometry which will save the day.