attractive nuisance

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Attractive Nuisance

A feature, especially a dangerous one, on a property that outsiders may be encouraged to abuse, perhaps to their detriment. For example, a trespasser may be tempted to jump off a bridge into a pond. Property owners generally have the responsibility to take reasonable measure to prevent attractive nuisances from being mistreated.

attractive nuisance

A concept in tort law holding that if a person creates or allows a condition to exist on his or her property that a reasonably prudent person would know presents a danger to children, then that person must take steps to protect children of tender years from the condition, especially if it is something known to be attractive to small children.Liability can also be imposed if someone creates such a condition on someone else's property or even in a public place. Examples would be a swimming pool on one's own property,a rope swing installed by a private individual over a pond in a public park,or even an old refrigerator dumped by the side of the road in a rural area,but which could trap and suffocate children inside.Many courts hold that an artificial body of water,such as a pool,is an attractive nuisance but a natural one,such as a pond,is not.

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2003) (showing how the attractive nuisance doctrine works with a discussion of the elements needed for a young child to qualify).
But other than this brief mention of the doctrine, there is no discussion of whether or not attractive nuisance is in and of itself an efficient liability rule with respect to care levels.
population 4,708, citing The Big Apple as an attractive nuisance wherein upstanding Munford youth visit or relocate and, because of illegal activity on its streets, become defiled and broken, sent a posse of private investigators to New York to document and then sue the alleged perpetrators who ostensibly caused the alleged injuries to the Munford youths.
This simple provision protects citizens from property devaluation and attractive nuisance.
Train yourself to use back burners whenever possible and put pot and pan handles towards the back of the stove-top instead of letting them hang over the front where they're attractive nuisances to little hands.
These marijuana growing operations will be attractive nuisances for criminal elements, and will be policed exclusively by the Oregon State Police - the city should not be contacted; citizens must call the state police directly.
Other topics are noise, dangers to children and attractive nuisances, rural neighbors and the right to farm, water damage, water rights, home-based businesses, and other neighborhood businesses.
This year, the commission is reviewing a couple of dozen state agencies that included what a lawyer might call attractive nuisances - the kinds of subject areas most tempting to legislators and interest groups.
This evergreen idea belongs in the category of attractive nuisances.
This volume and its putative successor might have been even richer had it not been for the fact that in 1963, when, forced to fast and furious flight from Venice, I left behind an epenthetic houseguest, the late Bronston Crutchfield; a hysterical queen, he took it upon himself to destroy all my correspondence files as if the Italian police were likely to waste their time and money on pawing through the papers of committers of attractive nuisances, as lawyers describe such offenses as leaving ignition keys in unoccupied unlocked cars and similar passive invitations to criminality.
The building at 88 Oak Hill Road is one of several buildings being scheduled for demolition because they are health, fire, safety and environmental hazards and/or serve as attractive nuisances, posing a danger to children in the area.