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Attitudinally, jurors exhibited slightly more positive orientations toward the political system, reporting higher levels of trust and faith in their personal ability to have a say.
Do we want attitudinally loyal members, or behaviorally loyal members?
In the case of his blues poetry, he used the label conceptually, thematically, and attitudinally, with no reference to the formal tradition of the blues stanza.
On the other hand, antisemitism is not necessarily a dimension of prejudice that is equivalent in importance attitudinally to any other types of prejudice.
We like to think that we're attitudinally different to other credit card companies and are often prepared to take chances that others wouldn't.
There was a significant transformation attitudinally.
Insider/outsider status is established structurally and attitudinally.
Another paradox, as with the retrospective historical lacuna of the Reformation itself, is that applying contemporary theory to the past in the name of inclusion also means that all those residual iconodules must be heuristically, almost attitudinally, excluded.
For decades, Gallup has researched customer engagement -- that is, how emotionally attached and attitudinally loyal to companies, brands, products, and services consumers are.
What may be, perhaps, a fairer context for O'Neill's remark to Francis and more attitudinally consistent is O'Neill's lifelong disdain for those who were rich and tight-fisted or at least perceived by him to be so--in short those who weren't inclined to support liberally the artist.
A less-than-happy John Kear groaned: "We were out-competed, out-defended, out-kicked and attitudinally the opposition were far more urgent and desperate and showed a greater commitment and desire.