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1. To certify or to state under oath.

2. See: Testament.


To witness by observation and signature,as one who attests that another has signed a real estate contract.Contrast with acknowledgment,in which the signer states he or she signed the document voluntarily,and then a notary public or other such individual affixes his or her signature and seal as evidence of hearing the acknowledgment and witnessing the signing.

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Al Shamsi refused to mention the number of buildings where the municipality disconnected the utility services, but pointed out that the civic body is going to get tough on those who violate the rules regarding attesting tenancy contract.
Al Mualla added that the municipality is coordinating with the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa) to carry out the electricity disconnection, and have discussed several ways on how to collect the fees of attesting contracts.
In an attest engagement, the practitioner is attesting to, or providing assurance on, subject matter that is the responsibility of another party.