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1. To certify or to state under oath.

2. See: Testament.


To witness by observation and signature,as one who attests that another has signed a real estate contract.Contrast with acknowledgment,in which the signer states he or she signed the document voluntarily,and then a notary public or other such individual affixes his or her signature and seal as evidence of hearing the acknowledgment and witnessing the signing.

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Therefore, it has provided free parking to customers and employees who visit the centres to obtain attestations, ensuring an agreeable visit.
The municipality in a circular, obtained by Khaleej Times after it was distributed to real estate offices and landlords, noted that effective September 1, no paper applications for renewal of contract attestations will be accepted at any of the relevant services centres.
Ellmers had legislation ready to move earlier this year to shorten the attestation period in 2015 for Stage 2 to 90 days from the full year.
Une amende equivalente a 5 fois le montant de la taxe de circulation sera payee par les societes d'assurance et les interimaires d'assurance en cas d'octroi des attestations d'assurance sans l'obtention d'une copie du recue de payement.
Our experience guiding Advisory Board members with their attestations shows that providers do best when they are able to choose from more than one reporting period.
Electronic attestation is made possible through KHDA's online schools system, which allows schools to apply through their desktops, laptops or smartphones.
The TCG [8], remote attestation mechanism, is designed to measure and report the integrity of the computer platforms.
as the Attestation Clause, it recorded the date of the
JEDDAH: The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) will soon introduce an electronic system for attestation, according to Muhiyuddin Hakami, director of the information technology at the JCCI.
10, 2006, the components will provide the P & E Policy Office with an attestation as to the accuracy of the information in the report that was received on or after Oct.
Mitchell has oversight responsibility for the OIG's financial audits, legislatively mandated work under the Federal Information Security Management Act, procurement audits, performance audits, and attestations.
In both loose-leaf and paperback editions, there are footnote references in Chapter 1 (Attestation Standards), of Statement on Standards for Attestations Engagements No.