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1. To certify or to state under oath.

2. See: Testament.


To witness by observation and signature,as one who attests that another has signed a real estate contract.Contrast with acknowledgment,in which the signer states he or she signed the document voluntarily,and then a notary public or other such individual affixes his or her signature and seal as evidence of hearing the acknowledgment and witnessing the signing.

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If we take the case of Kerala, Non- Resident Keralites (NORKA) offices should also be given the authority to attest the marriage certificates," he reasoned.
As international standards in audit and attest services gain worldwide acceptance in cross-border operations and financing, U.
Before accepting an attest engagement, CPAs have to possess the requisite degree of education and experience or plan to acquire them.
Response: As long as it is "dumb" software and the auditor does not require, as a condition of performing the audit and attest services, that management use its software, this is permissible.
Though they cannot be shown to have had much influence on English drama, the plays do attest to a lively interest in theater at the universities and a humanist commitment to classical conceptions of tragedy, comedy, and tragicomedy.
If the attest function is defined at all, it should be defined in terms of auditing standards and definitely not in terms of compilation or review.
The AICPA Auditing Standards Board (ASB) laid the groundwork for this guidance with its AT 101 Interpretation, Attest Engagements on Financial Information Included in XBRL Instance Documents, issued in September 2003.
Preparers contend--and FEI agrees--that auditors should attest only to management's assessment and evaluation of internal controls.
Khalid Al Shamsi, Head of the Consumer Protection Department of the Sharjah Municipality, said that the tenants of these residential units were earlier given a grace period of 90 days and then 72 hours, but they refused to turn up at the municipality to attest their contracts.
Sharjah The municipality yesterday warned that residents who fail to attest tenancy contracts within 72 hours will have their electricity disconnected.