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It is revealing of the gender gap in tertiary education to look at the attainment target from a gender perspective.
(c) to work to four Attainment Targets: 'identifying needs and opportunities', 'generating a design proposal', 'planning and making', 'evaluating';(44)
However, when relating topics such as user-generated content and metadata creation (e.g., to attune content and metadata creation to attainment targets) were brought to the fore, informants underlined the need for a change in attitude.
The group advised using standard assessment tasks - "externally provided tasks and procedures designed to produce performance data on a national scale."(7) The SATs would provide information on students' performance on a cluster of attainment targets. It was recommended that the tasks be integrated into everyday classroom practice, thus avoiding the artificial separation of assessment from teaching and learning.
As such, the Flemish ICT attainment targets are designed to meet societal expectations about the role of ICT in education.
A variety of analyses ensued; each applying different combinations of educational attainment targets, age-groups, and assumptions.
Where other institutions had loud voices, Croxteth was the poor relation, making good use of every single penny of funding allocated to it and, contrary to the impression given by the City Council, achieving all the attainment targets set.
It warns: "The position on behaviour and attendance is not helped by the significant numbers of pupils at primary and secondary school whose literacy and numeracy levels are well below the average attainment targets for their chronological age.
The study claims engaging parents was equally as important to raising standards as setting attainment targets and monitoring pupil progress.
He reached the educational attainment targets for his age, but he has behavioural problems mainly because of lack of concentration and being easily distracted.
"Fundamentally, we support what the Government is trying to achieve but I do have some concerns that high attainment targets may discourage some education providers from supporting all aspects of the programme.
In the early 1990s, in an attempt to bring some 'coherence and consistency' to this experience, the 5-14 Programme set out age/ stage-related attainment targets in Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening.