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The seizure of property, especially (but not necessarily) real estate, from a defendant in a lawsuit in anticipation of its award to a plaintiff. Attachment occurs when a judge believes that the plaintiff will prevail in the suit and, therefore, permits the seizure. However, if the defendant does prevail in the end, the judge must compensate her with a bond to cover any potential damages the plaintiff causes.


The legal process of seizing real or personal property for the payment of nonmortgage debts such as tax liens or judgments.

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Congress enacted the Pole Attachment Act of 1978 to regulate the rates that utilities can charge for pole attachments.
When Sabre died Olympic looking for an attachment for the Tahawus job, Donahue suggested the new CC 3300 hydraulic attachment from Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc.
Howe, a professor of social work at the University of East Anglia, UK, builds on his past work regarding emerging trends in attachment theory, child maltreatment, and family support.
On August 19, 2003, the USD(AT & L) issued a memorandum, Attachment (3), requiring that, by the end of Fiscal Year 2005, personnel involved in preparation of performance-based statements of work must complete PBSA training.
By concentrating his dealership on the scrap and demolition industries, Gibson says he has become a leading dealer for Genesis Attachments, earning a No.
According to Object Relations (Winnicott, 1965) and Attachment (Bowlby, 1969) theorists, a primary goal in relationships is to feel understood (Ainsworth, 1992).
An ultra-large 12-ton crusher, with a maximum reach of 41 meters, can be used in place of the three-piece attachment.
Yet increasing numbers of cooperative distribution systems identify pole attachment regulation and management as an issue of growing concern.
Since Bowlby's (1969) original conception of attachment theory, others have examined different aspects like attachment stability (e.
According to Bowlby (1969), attachment is a biosocial behavioral system, comprising contextual, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral elements, which has the primary function of protecting the child against danger and predators.
Various researches have been done in the area of attachment styles and marital satisfaction and have mostly shown that there are differences between attachment styles in terms of marital satisfaction level.
The attachment theory of John Bowlby (6) has been a seminal foundation to understanding human growth and development for several decades.