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The seizure of property, especially (but not necessarily) real estate, from a defendant in a lawsuit in anticipation of its award to a plaintiff. Attachment occurs when a judge believes that the plaintiff will prevail in the suit and, therefore, permits the seizure. However, if the defendant does prevail in the end, the judge must compensate her with a bond to cover any potential damages the plaintiff causes.
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The legal process of seizing real or personal property for the payment of nonmortgage debts such as tax liens or judgments.

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However, the bench directed the authority to attach the required documents with reply and submit again on June 13.
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The patented strap attach manufacturing process is an alternative to conventional direct chip attach technology.
The -200 and -200T have exhibited the same tendency regarding the loosening of the forward pivot casting attach hardware.
As part of the new study, the researchers captured migrating salmon and recorded how many lice were attached. Subsequent mortality was significantly higher among salmon that had at least one louse attached than among fish with none.
(e) Casualty and theft losses: Complete Form 4684, Casualties and Thefts, and attach to the return.
Grapevine is my favorite, particularly because of the curly tendrils that the vine uses to attach itself to trees and other objects.
"The most common mistake people make when they attach to a tree," he says, "is that that the framing members of the tree house are immediately adjacent to the trunk of the tree, and of course that's untenable because the tree has to grow."
"But if your attachment is designed specifically for a quick attach, you may have an issue using it with other machines."