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The seizure of property, especially (but not necessarily) real estate, from a defendant in a lawsuit in anticipation of its award to a plaintiff. Attachment occurs when a judge believes that the plaintiff will prevail in the suit and, therefore, permits the seizure. However, if the defendant does prevail in the end, the judge must compensate her with a bond to cover any potential damages the plaintiff causes.


The legal process of seizing real or personal property for the payment of nonmortgage debts such as tax liens or judgments.

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e) Casualty and theft losses: Complete Form 4684, Casualties and Thefts, and attach to the return.
Attach a hanger using thick gauge wire; make it large enough to be found once the wreath is decorated.
They couldn't attach anything to the tree with nails," says Peter Olin, a University of Minnesota horticulture professor and director of the Arboretum.
But if your attachment is designed specifically for a quick attach, you may have an issue using it with other machines.
Solution: Attach a complete breakdown of each spouse's income; a detailed capital gain calculation; deductions, including a list of total Schedule A Itemized Deductions; exemptions; taxable income; credits; other taxes, including separate Forms 6251, Alternative Minimum Tax; federal tax withheld; payments; offsets; and refunds.
In lieu of form 8332, the noncustodial parent may attach a written declaration conforming to the substance of form 8332.
a developer of software tools for DB2 mainframes, has announced the patent pending status of its Variable Commit Frequency technology a new feature in the company's oldest and most established software package Database Attach (DBA).
In a step that could lead to harder materials and tinier electronic devices, researchers have found a promising new way to attach molecules to carbon nanotubes.
If you're not in a hurry, you can attach files to e-mail, a user-to-user file transfer.
It supports direct attach to HP ProLiant and HP Integrity servers and the cascading of enclosures in a 1+3 configuration, which allows customers to easily increase capacity as their storage needs grow.
Attach Plus(TM) Dramatically Improves HIPAA Compliance Efficiency by Reducing the Time and Complexity It Takes to Encrypt and E-mail Patient Documents Using the Secure 128-bit PDF or ZIP Standard
6707A for failing to (1) attach a reportable transaction disclosure statement to an original or amended return or (2) provide a copy of a disclosure statement to the IRS Office of Taxpayer Analysis (OTSA), if required.