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The interest retained by a grantor after transferring some of its interests but not all. A landlord transfers some of its interests when it executes a lease; the right retained is the reversion. Also called a reversionary interest. Contrast with right of reentry.

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lasiurus could be considered an atavism, i.e., the reappearance of a lost ancestral character (Peterkova et al., 2006).
" President Musharraf is an atavism," Ghani said, amid appreciative laughter, adding, " as far as India and Pakistan are concerned, my job is to ensure we all cooperate." He sounded optimistic about the Afghan security forces being Ghani avoided speaking on Indo- Pak tension
And yet, the likes of John Kerry turn reality on its head by accusing Moscow of engaging in benighted 20th century atavism. What Western governments, NATO and its proxy junta in Kiev are engaging in is reckless and ridiculous grandstanding, which is completely divorced from reality.
They are atavism, dichotomy and dental lamina hyperactivity.
The causes of supernumerary teeth are poorly understood, although many theories have been proposed, such as the phylogenetic process of atavism and the dichotomy of the tooth bud.
Polythelia represents a typical example of atavism and the word means "many nipples" (10).
[and the] human liability to atavism or reversion" (Hurley 10); evolutionism asserted the risk that, like any other species, the human race could regress into 'lower' forms just as well as evolve in 'higher' ones, threatening to expose "the fallacies of belief in human ascendancy and ...
Wallace described in a 1956 essay as an indigenous "revitalization movement." According to Wallace, who studied Iroquois and Delaware nativism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, these revitalization movements were not simple atavism but, instead, "deliberate, organized, conscious effort[s] by members of a society to construct a more satisfying culture" in the face of colonialism (265).
In a less Machiavellian vein, think about whether [disgust] actually does anything for us, or whether it's some ancient atavism that we might as well just ditch.
But his was far from being a mere boohoo over the lost glory of the past, or a thoughtless wild goose chase after some atavism. He was thoroughgoing in his pragmatism.
is no more a secret that the Minsk Group has long become a useless atavism, a force that decides nothing," the Russian expert said.
Some retain few traces of their black ancestry because of the influence of atavism ...