At risk

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At risk

The exposure to the danger of economic loss. Frequently used in the context of claiming tax deductions. For example, a person can claim a tax deduction in a limited partnership if the taxpayer can show it is at risk of never realizing a profit and of losing its initial investment. See: Value at risk.
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At Risk

1. See: Value at Risk.

2. See: At Risk Rule.

3. Describing any asset or investment one may lose for any reason whatsoever.
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Subject: This project will develop a MetaArchive of Southern Digital Culture by creating a distributed digital preservation network for critical and at-risk content relative to Southern culture and history.
It may seem to be an insurmountable task to reach the 2 million at-risk youth who suffer the painful burden of having a family member or parent in prison.
Three-fourths of the world's poor live in middle-income and other developing countries not in the at-risk groupings (including China, India, Brazil, and Mexico).
Of the remaining 34 at-risk children, 10 (29%) developed a tic diagnosis during the 5-year study.
Given that these children who fit the ABH profile are at-risk for a host of short-term and long-term negative consequences in academic and social arenas (Kazdin, 1987; Kolko, 1994; Lynam, 1996 Walker et al., 1995; Walker et a., 1992), it is important to identify students at-risk for ABH early in their educational careers so that effective, efficient interventions can be designed and implemented to prevent some of the negative outcomes potentially awaiting these children (Lane, 1999).
At-risk basis and tax basis are often confused because many of the same components are included in both calculations.
Baldwin's own adverse childhood experiences, the initiative to teach sailing, as a means to provide at-risk programming, began in 2017 as part of a University Study conducted by the founder.
This guide describes home-based family therapy and school-based interventions with at-risk students using a multisystems model that helps adolescents and families with multiple problems focus and prioritize their issues, in addition to multisystemic therapy that incorporates multisystemic levels in treatment.
In total, there were 618 children considered 'at-risk' in Manchester between last September and the start of January this year, of whom only 330 received the vaccine.
The National At-Risk Education Network (NAREN) and TranZed Alliance, affiliate organizations that serve children, families and child-serving professionals, will hold the 16th annual NAREN-TranZed National Conference, "Caring for the Whole Child: Mind, Body & Spirit," for educators, clinicians, counselors and leaders who work with at-risk students Oct.
Additionally, due to market conditions and previous storm surge damage, construction costs can increase despite having a lower number of at-risk homes compared to other states or CBSAs.