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The "a" parameter indicates mature weight or asymptotic weight of the animals.
Given that (a) the formulation of the asymptotic standard error of y in equation (6) is realistic, relevant, and indeed correct; (b) the practical significance of including B can only be conclusively evaluated in the context of each particular empirical application after it has been estimated; and (c) the calculation of B imposes only minimal marginal computational burden, there remains no reasonable justification for excluding it from equation (6) as Dowd, Greene, and Norton (2014) recommend in their equation (18).
Our main interest is to derive asymptotic properties of the solution of (2.
Herisanu, Application of Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic method for solving nonlinear equations arising in heat transfer.
The power issue arises because the variation in the nonparametric CoVaR and MES estimators increases as the asymptotic tail dependence in stock returns strengthens.
Then, when i < j, the asymptotic covariance of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is given by
Therefore, one need not know the size of the delays to establish the global asymptotic stability of the system (1a), (1b), (1c), (1d), (2), (4), (5a) and 5b) via Theorem 2.
The universal way to construct the asymptotic forms of suchintegrals is the method of etalon integrals [20-23].
Now we compare the asymptotic behavior of the localization length, obtained from the above described analytical model [cf.
Hence the asymptotic incident diffracted PO field is obtained as