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In the transfer of an asset, liability, or anything else, the party that makes the transfer. That is, the assignor originally holds the asset or liability and gives or sells it to the assignee.


A person making an assignment.

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MVAIC has proven that plaintiff's assignor is not a qualified person and hence, not a covered person, because the assignor never responded to its four requests to qualify and, in particular, to its request that the applicant submit proof that the accident was timely reported to the police, which would typically be a police report.
The Supreme Court revisited the issue of assignor estoppel in Scott Paper Co.
The Supreme Court affirmed the DCA, concluding that, only in cases where the public was misled, a legal malpractice cause of action was appropriately assignable to an assignee for the benefit of creditors, as liquidator of the assignor.
This cost involves the cost of the assignee staying in the premises previously occupied by the assignor debtor.
Punitive damages in excess of $200 billion ($300 million per assignor and $50 billion for property damage and business interruption).
The Convention will apply only if the assignor is located in a state that is a party to the Convention.
In Dodge, the court deemed that realization of the assigned right to future income was sufficiently doubtful based on the nature of the assigned right (30 years before assignor's death, assignor orally promised to leave one-half of his estate to assignee if assignor's partner [assignee's father] performed all partnership-related work).
7,919,419 B2; Jeffrey Hurley, Brian Boehmer, Alan Campbell, Jerry Moore, Douglas Vercauteren, Barry Burgess and Heather Horton, assignors to Buckeye Technologies Inc.
The language in the denial setting forth that the assignor failed to appear for two IMEs does not negate defendant's right to submit its denial based solely upon the nonappearance at the one pre-claim IME.
Any conflict involving an international assignment or an international receivable would be resolved by referring to one single law, namely the law of the location of the assignor.
In continuing the existing business of the trademark, the assignee need not purchase the assets of the assignor if the assignee can maintain the identity of the mark with existing business assets.