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In the transfer of an asset, liability, or anything else, the party that makes the transfer. That is, the assignor originally holds the asset or liability and gives or sells it to the assignee.
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A person making an assignment.

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(8.) Unlike novation, the assignment of a right to the payment of money is a unilateral act by the assignor generally not requiring the consent of the debtor.
More than two decades after Scott, the Court appeared to eviscerate the vitality of assignor estoppel in Lear, Inc.
The fact that the German bank's assignment has not been perfected under the law applicable to such issue in Pennsylvania or the District of Columbia is not relevant: the Convention specifies that the governing law for priorities is the law of the state in which the assignor is located, (27) Germany in the above scenario.
7,919,669 B2; Donald Roe, Barry Feist, Krista Comstock and Lisa Goodlander, assignors to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH
Jones, the assignors transferred both the income source and the right to receive future income.
Finally, the optional substantive law priority rules contained in the Annex to the Convention usefully supplement the conflict-of-laws priority rules, referring to the law of the assignor's location, in the case of states desiring to modernize or harmonize their priority regimes.
* Aiding and abetting al Qaida; at least $35 billion ($50 million for each assignor plus $4 billion for property damage and business interruption) plus punitive damages.
This cost involves the cost of the assignee staying in the premises previously occupied by the assignor debtor.
The assignee, as well as any creditor or party-in-interest, has standing to challenge the validity, extent or priority of any claim filed by a creditor against the assignor's estate.
In order for someone who has allegedly been injured (the assignor or applicant) to be a "covered person" person under Ins.
Though the question of reasonableness was not reached, a court in 1990 implied that an assignor's refusal to pay the landlord's alleged $30,000 "bribe" request, could be an unreasonable refusal.