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A person to whom a contract is given or sold. For example, if Bob sells a futures contract to Joe, or alternately allows Joe to take over the lease on Bob's apartment, Joe is the assignee. While assigning contracts is common, not all contracts are transferable. See also: Assignor.


One to whom a contract or lease has been assigned.See assign.

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When the hypothetical tax exceeds the actual tax, the employee retains the benefit and is not required to reimburse the employer the difference; when the actual tax exceeds the hypothetical tax, the employer will reimburse the assignee.
In most instances, a good ordinary course of business analysis will convince an assignee that the debtor had no intent to prefer but was merely paying the creditor as it always has in the past.
decedent's executor is treated as the assignee of that interest.
An ABC is primarily distinguishable from the federal bankruptcy process in that 1) it does not impose an automatic stay in favor of the debtor (4); 2) it does not grant an assignee special authority to recover assets that were transferred immediately before the filing (5); and 3) unlike most types of bankruptcy proceedings, it does not provide a discharge of any debt.
On January 19, 2006, GE Seaco demanded in writing that the assignee disclose the location of each cargo unit and not move loaded units until GE Seaco agreed in writing.
From choosing the best care option to selecting the right care provider, HCR will help to give assignees the information and reassurance they need to make the right decisions for their dependents.
Common examples include the need to obtain the landlord's prior consent and that the tenant must act as guarantor for the assignee until the assignee transfers its interest in the lease.
51) Maintaining the "pick your partner" principle within an organization that has jettisoned almost every other aspect of partnership structure inevitably "stacks the deck" against assignees.
Therefore, during all these stages, a sense of affinity is a key factor in communications with assignees and their human resources department.
Figure 2 shows the inventors with the most patent documents in the field, along with their associated assignee (company).
9 (c) to manifest the intent of the superintendent of insurance to exclude assignees from the requirement that an 'applicant' seek arbitration or commence an action within 30 days of the receipt of the denial of claim form or be barred from interest 'until such action is taken.
The research recommended that organisations link their international mobility strategy to the business strategy, clarify the assignment purpose and understand the objectives of the individual assignees.