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A person to whom a contract is given or sold. For example, if Bob sells a futures contract to Joe, or alternately allows Joe to take over the lease on Bob's apartment, Joe is the assignee. While assigning contracts is common, not all contracts are transferable. See also: Assignor.


One to whom a contract or lease has been assigned.See assign.

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Host and home employers often mistakenly assume that so long as they pay assignees while they are working overseas, they continue to be their employees.
Assignees preparing to repatriate or start another assignment.
Her practice focuses primarily on commercial creditor representation in bankruptcy and other insolvency matters; but she also represents bankruptcy trustees receivers, assignees, creditors' committees, and landlords in various legal proceedings.
From choosing the best care option to selecting the right care provider, HCR will help to give assignees the information and reassurance they need to make the right decisions for their dependents.
Common examples include the need to obtain the landlord's prior consent and that the tenant must act as guarantor for the assignee until the assignee transfers its interest in the lease.
Therefore, during all these stages, a sense of affinity is a key factor in communications with assignees and their human resources department.
Figure 6 shows the number of patent documents per technical category for each of the top assignees.
They can also provide further valuable networks and create a better sense of security if a business sponsor guides the repatriation of assignees and improves their chances of gaining a meaningful job upon return.
Though the companies surveyed generally do not have separate policies for female expatriates, the study found some differentiation in the treatment of male and female assignees.
Similarly, a virtual assignee does not relocate, but will manage their international responsibilities from the home country, supplemented by occasional business trips abroad.
On the tenant side, there may not be a sufficient term remaining on a lease for subtenants or assignees to make a substantial financial commitment to a particular location.