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A person to whom a contract is given or sold. For example, if Bob sells a futures contract to Joe, or alternately allows Joe to take over the lease on Bob's apartment, Joe is the assignee. While assigning contracts is common, not all contracts are transferable. See also: Assignor.


One to whom a contract or lease has been assigned.See assign.

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Host and home employers often mistakenly assume that so long as they pay assignees while they are working overseas, they continue to be their employees.
111(4)) that 1) the assignee proposes to take the actions described therein without further notice or a hearing unless a party in interest files an objection within 21 days of service of the notice; 2) any such objection must be filed with the clerk of court and served on the assignee's attorney and any other appropriate person(s); 3) if an objection is filed and served, the court may schedule a hearing; and 4) if no objection is filed, the assignee and the court will consider the proposed relief unopposed.
Dedicated to the requirements and needs of globally mobile assignees around the world, independent relocation experts HCR are introducing an innovative new service called "Reassurance.
This is common when tenants are unable to find assignees.
Ease the stress, and the family, the assignee, and the company, all have a much greater opportunity to have an enjoyable and successful time in their host country.
Figure 6 shows the number of patent documents per technical category for each of the top assignees.
The research also recommends close management of the investment in international assignments--with these assignees costing about twice as much as their non-expat colleagues, this is vital, and there is no evidence that it reduces performance in any way.
assignee of Unifund, assignee of First USA Bank, vs.
This was so, even though the landlord had requested the proposed assignee's financial information, which the proposed assignee failed to provide.
One in 20 companies adopt a more laissez faire approach, leaving the assignee to deal with any tax liability.
How these career-forming stints are perceived by the employee is becoming more important to corporations as they seek to compete globally, according to the 1996-97 International Assignee Research Project.
The GST consequences relating to the assignment of a lease of commercial real property by a lessee to the assignee will depend on whether the payment is made by the lessee or the assignee.