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Since two fluorescein species exist in PBS with different quantum yields and only the fluorescein dianion is present in borate buffer solution, MESF values can not be assigned to microbeads suspended in PBS using the calibration curve made by a series of dilutions of Fluorescein Solution SRM in borate buffer.
Hrica does not see the decrease in taxes assigned by companies as significant."The decline is not a serious one at all," said Hrica.
For example, a committee member or task group can be assigned to oversee rules and procedures.
This is assigned a relative weight of 0.6344, with an average payment of $2,700.
The benefit of this procedure is that all service cost is assigned to users so the "full" cost of the output of line departments (Fabricating and Assembly) can be easily calculated.
The functional, relational retention methodology can be used effectively to assign records retention periods to electronic records.
In their responses, the students also frequently adopted New Critical approaches to the novel, seeking to discover a sense of unity beneath the widely varying actions and speech of the characters encountered in the long sections assigned for each class period.
He assigned the patents to his employer, as required by his employment contract.
The virtual interface is then assigned to a specific user or user community.
The long-term 'AA'/Stable Outlook rating assigned to the Custodial Receipts is based on the custodial level credit enhancement provided by Royal Bank of Canada, acting through a New York branch (RBC, AA/F1+/Stable) in the form of an irrevocable direct-pay letter of credit (LOC), which secures the Custodial Receipts deposited in the trust.
Senior minister Chaudhry Tariq Farooq has been assigned portfolio of Physical Planning, Housing and Irrigation, Raja Nisar Ahmad Khan has given the Electricity Department while Dr.