asset play

Asset play

A company with assets that are not believed to be accurately reflected in its stock price, making it an attractive buy or play.
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Asset Play

A stock with a net asset value above its market capitalization. An asset play is undervalued and therefore is considered to be a good stock to buy. See also: Wallflower.
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asset play

A stock with a market price considerably lower than the value of the firm's assets on a per-share basis. For example, a paper company may operate in an extremely competitive market and earn minimal profits. However, a financial analyst may believe investors are concentrating on poor earnings and are pricing the stock in a manner that does not consider extensive and valuable timber and real estate holdings and thus does not reflect the stock's current market price. Thus, the stock is an asset play.
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From the time SBS listed on the PSE in August 2015, investors who were attracted to the company were betting on 'undervalued' property asset play. The company owns property assets that have appreciated in value over the years.
Has been heavily relied upon to Jonny Evans is Albion's prize asset play right-back since the moment Tony Pulis arrived at the club.
As an asset based company Neuromama long term shareholders will benefit from Neuromama becoming down the road maybe the stock market Asset Play, or the Takeover Target, or the Restructuring and Reorganization Candidate, or the Spin-off, or the Management Buyout, or the Merger Candidate.
"This building likewise fits well with a high-quality family office portfolio where long-term and predictable income are more attractive than the value added asset play."
The net interest margin shifted to 3.84 percent largely due to the indirect consumer loan portfolio, which is a lower-yielding short-term asset play.
"The visa programmes typically work for a select group of investors - for whom the acquisition may be part of a bigger asset play."
The concurrence of historically low prices in both second-hand and newbuilding markets which approached the post Asian crisis lows in inflation-adjusted terms offered the perfect background for asset play but while several owners attempted to offload tonnage acquired at rock-bottom prices only a dozen of owners managed to successfully do so" the shipbroker said.
"It doesn't mean they won't pick a pass or score from asset play and we go one down.
SEB Enskilda also recommended share purchases ahead of an increase in rates and as an "asset play".
Balter views Lampert's most recent letter to shareholders as confirmation that Sears Holdings is "an asset play and only an asset play" in the eyes of the famed hedge fund investor.
Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund fund manager Atul Penkar said that special situations could be defined as opportunities arising out of various events such as mergers, de-mergers, asset play and various other opportunities.
"This has always been an asset play for Lampert, and now he seems to be acknowledging that," says Credit Suisse retail analyst Gary Balter, referring to statements in Lampert's letter to investors released with last year's financial results.

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