asset play

Asset play

A company with assets that are not believed to be accurately reflected in its stock price, making it an attractive buy or play.

Asset Play

A stock with a net asset value above its market capitalization. An asset play is undervalued and therefore is considered to be a good stock to buy. See also: Wallflower.

asset play

A stock with a market price considerably lower than the value of the firm's assets on a per-share basis. For example, a paper company may operate in an extremely competitive market and earn minimal profits. However, a financial analyst may believe investors are concentrating on poor earnings and are pricing the stock in a manner that does not consider extensive and valuable timber and real estate holdings and thus does not reflect the stock's current market price. Thus, the stock is an asset play.
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Gone is the near obsessing about roping in cash-ready investors looking at a property acquisition in Dubai as an asset play.
It doesn't mean they won't pick a pass or score from asset play and we go one down.
Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund fund manager Atul Penkar said that special situations could be defined as opportunities arising out of various events such as mergers, de-mergers, asset play and various other opportunities.
While the Deutsche report takes the aforementioned real estate and brand asset value into account, it does not view the company solely as an asset play.
The acquisition was not made as a "complete turn around of an asset", as would have been the case in the past, when there was the ability to source a different type of an asset play and hence a higher return.
In March 2002, the company spent $132 million to acquire the Chaparral and Quanah pipelines as pan of an asset play.
Interest in this event has gained rapid momentum as gold has become the go-to hard asset play against the weakening dollar.
Sovereign funds looks very attractive to people who want steady income from long-term asset play, that's us looking for money for higher value contracts.
The reason for incorporating the LNG business under Maersk FPSOs is that the LNG industry business model is based on long term contracts, which is more in line with Maersk FPSOs, than Maersk Tanker's asset play focused business model.
AMEX:GSX) is a natural gas asset play in the state of
Hicks commented, "Resolute has all of the characteristics that we believe are essential for a company to succeed in the public markets: a high quality management team with extensive experience and success in the upstream oil and gas business, a strong and flexible balance sheet, and a focused asset play in a sector poised for significant activity.
The geographic coverage for the combined assets of Lighthouse and Paradigm would cover areas from Louisiana to Eastern Texas and additional areas in Western Texas making a regional asset play.

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