asset class

Asset Class

Different types of investments that behave similarly and are subject to most of the same market forces. Many analysts believe that there are three main assets classes: equity securities or stocks, fixed-income securities or bonds, and cash equivalents. Some analysts would also include commodities, real estate, and derivatives. Including a variety of asset classes is important to constructing or maintaining a diverse portfolio.
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asset class

A category of investments, such as cash, near money, common equities, fixed income, international equities, and so forth.
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Asset class.

Different categories of investments are described as asset classes. Stock, bonds, and cash -- including cash equivalents -- are major asset classes. So are real estate, derivative investments, such as options and futures contracts, and precious metals.

When you allocate the assets in your investment portfolio, you decide what proportion of its total value will be invested in each of the different asset classes you're including.

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The Industrial/Office market is the only asset class that experienced an inclined dollar volume in the first half of the year, with a 30 percent dollar volume increase since 2018.
While presenting the 2018/2019 budget in June, National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich called on pension funds and other institutional investors to considerPPPs as a distinct asset class and to partner with the government in enhancing the country's capacity for developmental investments.Kenya's pension industry has grown from about Ksh100 billion in 2000 to Ksh1.166 trillion in 2018.Mr Mutuku noted that the pension industry plays a particularly critical role in mobilising long-term savings suitable for long-term investments and significantly contributed to national economic development.
The report shows increasing diversification in schemes' portfolios will enable fund managers to cushion pensioners funds from the effects of non-performance in a particular asset class thereby minimising the devaluation of their investments.
SSC will work with CVCRI to develop products for the fixed income asset class and facilitate their sales and trading process on government designated exchanges within China.
Should a plan sponsor decide to use a custom approach, one option will be white-label funds; their name reflects their asset class or objective and can be single-manager, single-asset-class-multimanager, multi-asset-class-multi-manager or custom target-date fund.
"The 2017 Trade Register reiterates what we have seen year on year since the project was initiated in 2009: that trade finance is a reliable and low risk asset class and should be looked upon favourably by regulators, industry stakeholders and institutional investors," said Daniel Schmand, Chair of the ICC Banking Commission.
The governments around the world are increasingly moving towards regulating the initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the digital currencies will stay as an asset class, industry players said at a forum in Dubai on Sunday.
On what basis can we favour one asset class over another?
regulatory environment had driven them to reallocate their portfolios to a particular asset class, and for 52% of these, the asset class was equities.
'The next question is how much to put in each asset class. Using an asset allocation strategy based on one's profile, temperament, and age, is key to managing risk.
In focusing on the industry's portfolios, Conning looked at each major asset class and at trends and results for 449 insurers, grouped by business focus (life, annuities, accident and health, mixed, and reinsurance.)