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A person licensed by a municipality to conduct appraisals of local properties. An assessor may take into account the quality of a property, values of surrounding properties, and market conditions in the area. The purpose of an assessor's appraisals is to assess the value of properties so as to determine each owner's property tax liability.


A public official charged with maintaining the property tax rolls and the accuracy of the appraised and assessed value of properties.
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When life insurers first qualified for IMSA membership three years ago, they could choose from an IMSA-approved list of about 150 independent assessors.
Further, the technical assessor claims that the programme has changed the climate of the city, helping to temper the dry summers and severe winters.
From a retiring assessor, Tom Stallings, he bought the right to take over the servicing of some 25 to 40 companies, but so far, none of them has produced any business for him.
The assessor boosted the value tremendously this year, giving it a value commensurate with its location along a new city road being built.
Twenty anaesthesia trainees were rated in three simulated emergencies by four assessors.
Assessor Upgrade Edition is a comprehensive business and technical diagnostic solution used to scan SAP systems in search of transaction-level details that will affect an upgrade or consolidation.
pdf and also the Letters to the Assessors on the subject.
Either the assessor or recorder's office will have a public research area where one can search deeds by a variety of fields.
Staff at Warm Zone - a Government scheme to tackle fuel poverty - fear residents are mistaking their assessors for door-to-door salesmen.
So, from next August, the referee will not even know the identity of his assessor, who will be given a match video by the home club so he can study any controversial incidents before making his report.
Officials say that while Schussler worked for 30 years as a city assessor before retiring in 1967, he was involved in bribery schemes that lowered taxes for hundreds of properties throughout the city.
This process should proceed with each assessor compiling a score for each of the candidates, based on their performance on the assessment exercises.

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