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A unique look at whether giving mid-terms is bad for faculty is offered by Pritchard and Wilson, whereas Bloom proposes collaborative testing as an "alternative" means for assessing student learning.
Except as otherwise provided in this section, the period for assessing any tax imposed by subtitle A with respect to any person which is attributable to any partnership item (or affected item) for a partnership taxable year shall not expire before the date which is 3 years after the later of--(1) the date on which the partnership return for such taxable year was filed, or (2) the last day for filing such return for such year (determined without regard to extensions).
CPAs should focus on continuous improvement, looking for ways to make the process of assessing company-level controls more efficient and the controls more effective.
In assessing quality or credibility for the total sample of Web sites evaluated in the study, visual appearance, design, and organization were primary factors.
Still, city officials in Simi Valley and Moorpark are taking no chances, assessing burn areas and erecting flood control measures where needed before the rainy season comes.
313), and, together with the proposed SAS Assessing Risks will supersede SAS No.
To individuals assessing threats, providing these essential details establishes the credibility of the threatener.
Assessing your client's internal controls is a good place to begin designing your audit focus.
The following is a framework overview for assessing contingent environmental liabilities for mergers and acquisitions and brownfields-redevelopment projects.
New York City created a special, assessing unit of four tax classes in Nassau County, which are taxed at a different percentage of full value.
On the eighth day of Christmas, health care gave to me: "Eight RT's assessing.
Most manufacturers aren't assessing the workforce to the degree that they should," added C.

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