assembly line

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Assembly Line

A way to manufacture a product in which parts are added in sequence by different workers. For example, Joe may put the engine in a car and send it to Bob, who puts on the doors. Then it goes to Frank, who applies the wheels. Each worker has his/her post; the unfinished product comes to each worker in turn. This process allows workers to put together more products at a time; for instance, rather than putting together one car at a time, workers are able to use their expertise on multiple cars throughout the day. Assembly lines were developed by the Ford Motor Company in the early 20th century and were instrumental in beginning the mass production of automobiles.

assembly line

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In fact, since the engine is only one of many components used on their own assembly lines, their goal is standardization.
only six to 12 people were needed to operate the assembly line.
In some teams everyone knows how to do all the jobs, and can switch around every two hours and break up the assembly line tedium.
The new assembly line was designed and built using Lean Manufacturing techniques.
The first assembly line was at the Ford Piquette Park Plant in Detroit But it wasn't moving assembly line.
There are many types of assembly line systems, some common variations include the classic, automated, intermittent and lean manufacturing models.
Working on the assembly line has never reduced her to the comic zaniness of Lucille Ball in a classic episode of ``I Love Lucy.
By 1990, there was a net increase of one assembly line as 13 were opened and 12 closed.
has completed relocation of its truck final assembly line from Samrong Plant to Gateway Plant, completing a Thai reorganization that was undertaken in April 2005.
Airbus and the National Development & Reform Commission of China announced the selection of the Tianjin Binhai New Coastal District as the site for a potential A320 final assembly line should Airbus decide to move forward with the project.
One MedLab Council member--a medical equipment manufacturer--recently began experimenting with Lean by installing a Kanban board for an assembly line where employees select inventoried components to build parts of a product.
The system transports the machines on rails through a series of stations where operators add specific components, similar to an automobile assembly line.

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