assembly line

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Assembly Line

A way to manufacture a product in which parts are added in sequence by different workers. For example, Joe may put the engine in a car and send it to Bob, who puts on the doors. Then it goes to Frank, who applies the wheels. Each worker has his/her post; the unfinished product comes to each worker in turn. This process allows workers to put together more products at a time; for instance, rather than putting together one car at a time, workers are able to use their expertise on multiple cars throughout the day. Assembly lines were developed by the Ford Motor Company in the early 20th century and were instrumental in beginning the mass production of automobiles.
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assembly line

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Problem: Assembly line setups took too much time at Ryobi Motor Products, Pickens, SC.
In the first experiments, the researchers tested three compounds: one closely related to the enzyme's natural precursor; a second, slightly bulkier molecule; and a third that is more closely related to a molecule formed farther down the assembly line. Jacobsen says they were "quite surprised" to see the enzyme work on all three molecules.
is said to have been producing cars, trucks, and minivans on the same assembly line in Hofu for almost a decade.
The company stated that the assembly line, located within its Mirafiori plant in Turin, will have an annual capacity of 80,000 units.
The assembly line, which will create more jobs and further strengthen the aerospace industry, is part of Airbus' strategy to enhance its global competitiveness by meeting the growing needs of its customers in the United States and elsewhere.
2018: 100,000th Mercedes-Benz rolls-out of the assembly line in Chakan
Quoting Saeedi, the DA added the assembly line could initially provide '50 to 100 units of tractors for farmers even at the barangay level.'
The request on company letter head includes company profile, Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registration, Board of Director (BOD) details, purpose of use details, address of location where assembly line is to be setup, details for devices to be assembled and certification/ undertaking from manufacturer that local mobile phone assembly plant being setup by its type approval holder will be in line with best international practices/standards.
"Iran Khodro used to export vehicles' CBU to Azerbaijan" Tafazzoli stated, adding that given to the warm welcome the vehicles are receiving in Azerbaijan, IKCO has come to the conclusion to set up an assembly line there.
In the sixteen partially constructed assembly lines listed below, the exterior letters of the six-letter words have been supplied, along with clues for the four-letter words.
David Nye's treatment of the assembly line differs from others.
The year 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of launch of the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit.

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