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To address one of the issues in MNI calculation--the subjectivity of completeness descriptors in initial inventory procedures--Knusel and Outram (2004) developed a standardized and replicable method to estimate MNI from human remains in bioarchaeological assemblages. Each skeletal element is divided into zones based on expected postmortem breakage patterns as observed in non-human archaeological exemplars.
This study represents the first contribution to compare the L and D benthic foraminiferal assemblages and the sediment quality in the Saquarema Lagoon System (SLS) using biogeochemical proxies, as well as to predict how coastal ecosystems are responding to the combined effects of eutrophication and pollution pressure.
Based on the observation of FI compositions and phases at room temperature (21 [degrees]C), as well as phase transitions during heating and cooling, there are four phase types of FIs which have been recognized in the Keyue deposit: (1) water FIs (W-type): the W-type FIs are the most common type in the Keyue deposit and are widespread in every oreforming assemblages, which accounts for more than 90% of the total amount.
This essay performs an assemblage criticism, which maps constellations of assemblages in argumentative contexts to determine how actors create assemblages for rhetorical force.
As we now turn to explore the gradual breakdown of the fisherfolk project, we explain how such concerns once again play to Guattari's interest in the subjectivizing effects of assemblages and the importance of social investments of desire.
Thus, local museums can be seen as assemblages that change people's perceptions about their own communities and transform them through interactions with diverse agents.
We used historical (1967-1970) seasonal fish assemblage data (total, 11 samples; Appendix) from Hubbs and Wauer (1973) to examine the long-term changes in seasonal fish assemblages in Tornillo Creek.
Sectorial data regarding the foraminiferal assemblages recorded in the two sections analyzed which represent different facies within the Lusitanian Basin, can be found in Figueiredo (2009), Figueiredo et al.
Three essays, interestingly, concern what we can call "Deleuze-Japanese assemblages." Inspired by the city life in Tokyo, Joff P.
Following assemblage thinking, the analysis of this project needed to account for how connections form in assemblages.
duodenalis is a species complex comprising at least eight assemblages (A-H), among which only A and B were found infecting humans [12].
Our primary objective was to characterize native mussel assemblages in Tuttle Creek Reservoir, a major impoundment in the Lower Kansas River basin.