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The combination of two or more adjoining plots of real estate into a single plot. For example, a farmer may own 10 acres. If he buys the 25 acres next to him, he may combine the two plots so that they are from then on considered a single unit. Assemblage can increase the value of the real estate such that the new plot is worth more than the sum of its parts. This can have property tax implications.


The process of putting together the purchase,or options for the purchase,of several small parcels from multiple owners in order to create a larger parcel of land.The goal is to obtain enough land for a particular development in mind, or to conduct the assemblage as a speculative venture,in order to sell the larger parcel for more money than it cost to purchase the smaller parcels. This increase in value due to the assemblage is called plottage value.

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Antidepressant effects are associated with the emergent formations from an assemblage with stable connections: low-intensity affects, limited affective capacity, and an emergent subject form that is unified and recognized as a depressed person.
After consolidation, the dataset consisted of 68 basin-wide locations in 1st to 7th order streams that were compared with the reservoir mussel assemblage.
Even though the detection of assemblage A in humans should not be incriminated as zoonotic fecal-oral route, (3) the presence of A1 and A2 subgenotypes in all isolates underscores the zoonotic potential in this region, supporting the view that giardiasis in the largest endemic areas of the Brazil should not be seen as a single entity.
Here we evaluated depth- and season-related changes in the demersal fish assemblage structure over a 10-month period in the Central Basin--the largest and deepest of four sub-basins within Puget Sound.
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A range of factors may facilitate or disturb the presence and abundance of subtidal macroalgae living on hard bottoms, and thereby affect their composition and assemblage structure (Luning 1990).
And behind this circumscription of the lines passing through every assemblage, lies the Bergsonian theory of multiplicities (in brief, of the actual and the virtual), the Spinozist ethology of forces and the Nietzschean question of becoming, cut off from history.
Forebay and warm arm assemblages likely exhibited a real increase in uptake rate, whereas uptake rate of the cold arm assemblage was perceived to have decreased.
At the most basic level of assemblage analysis, we can consider the types of raw material used, the frequency with which different artefact forms were manufactured and the representation of cortex.
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Examining the individual life histories of several monks and the movement's organisational features, Okabe views the network as neither a static nor a homogeneous community, but as a dynamic and contingent assemblage within an ongoing process of sociopolitical change.