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The combination of two or more adjoining plots of real estate into a single plot. For example, a farmer may own 10 acres. If he buys the 25 acres next to him, he may combine the two plots so that they are from then on considered a single unit. Assemblage can increase the value of the real estate such that the new plot is worth more than the sum of its parts. This can have property tax implications.
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The process of putting together the purchase,or options for the purchase,of several small parcels from multiple owners in order to create a larger parcel of land.The goal is to obtain enough land for a particular development in mind, or to conduct the assemblage as a speculative venture,in order to sell the larger parcel for more money than it cost to purchase the smaller parcels. This increase in value due to the assemblage is called plottage value.

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The number of individual specimens per taxon (NISP) is another quantitative measure that in essence is simply a raw count of all of the elements and fragments within an assemblage. This measure should not be used to account for the number of associated individuals, because it may lead to considerable overestimation, particularly when fragmentation is high (Dominguez-Rodrigo 2012; Gifford-Gonzalez 2018; Grayson 1984; Kline & Crub-Urize 1984; Lyman 2018; Marshall & Pilgram 1993).
The Confederation Assemblage and the Balmer Assemblage host the high-grade gold mineralization at Great Bear Resources' Dixie Project and Pure Gold's Madsen property, respectively.
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We begin this essay by outlining some of the challenges the global warming controversy poses to argumentation studies and suggesting that climate disagreements are best analyzed from a critical rhetorical perspective that reads these arguments as assemblages. In doing so, this essay draws from research about polylogues, discourse coalitions, and network analysis to develop an assemblage theory capable of analyzing how the NIPCC operates as an assemblage with networks and alliances rather than normative ideals and directives.
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La semaine derniere, l'Institut a finalement opte pour le projet soumis par le cabinet londonien Assemblage. Las, depuis l'annonce des resultats, Assemblage dit n'avoir recu aucun appel du Parlement irakien.