asbestos containing material

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asbestos containing material (ACM)

Under Environmental Protection Agency regulations, any material containing more than 1 percent asbestos. There are different regulatory requirements depending on whether the ACM is friable or nonfriable.
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In the City of New York, storage and transportation of asbestos containing materials are regulated by the New York City Department of Sanitation.
In the past, asbestos containing materials were commonly used in home construction.
HM Inspector of Health and Safety, Richard Bishop, commenting on the case, said: "A survey had been carried out in 2001 which identified asbestos containing materials. This information was not acted upon and no-one who worked in the plant room was made aware.
"There were some asbestos containing materials in the room, which were perfectly safe.
Jill Pearshouse, a solicitor at Lichfield-based Keelys, says there is already huge demand for these sur-veyors who will determine whether asbestos containing materials can be undisturbed and sealed in or whether they must be removed and disposed of by properly accredited contractors.
labelling of asbestos containing materials (hereinafter referred to as "acm").
HSE Inspector Richard Bishop said: "A survey had been carried out in 2001 which identified asbestos containing materials.
Owners, occupiers and those responsible for the management of non-domestic property that may contain asbestos-containing material have a legal responsibility to manage the risk of asbestos containing materials, or to cooperate with those responsible for managing the risk.
the removal of existing slate (asbestos containing materials) from existing pitched roof and the subsequent upgrade of these roof surfaces generally, 2.

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