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The study also indicated that artificial insemination, also known as intrauterine insemination (IUI), raises a couple's likelihood of have a successful pregnancy from nine to 31 percent, if they have been trying to conceive for three months.
Fertility and ovum fertilization rate after laparoscopic or transcervical intrauterine artificial insemination oxytocin-treated ewes Theriogenology 48: 267-275.
Application of artificial insemination (AI) in animal breeding strategies can quickly spread genes from the best available males to improve economic benefits.
Currently, the National Breeding Station possesses 6 highly productive bulls imported from the United States who allowed to start artificial insemination of cows.
"Some sheep breeds are not of high quality in terms of productivity or taste, therefore artificial insemination can create good quality offspring," he said.
She became pregnant last year, also after artificial insemination, but appeared to have suffered a miscarriage late term.
Keepers turned to artificial insemination after Tian Tian and her partner Yang Guang - meaning Sunshine - failed to mate naturally.
The official further informed that besides imparting training to Veterinary Field Assistants, Tool-Kits would also be distributed among them, to equip and enable them to practically provide the service of artificial insemination to the locals and to let them know about related modern techniques and methods.
opposition to surrogacy, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, suggesting that families having children born by surrogate
Changes in the levels of the panda's protein and her progesterone hormone suggest her artificial insemination in April was successful.
He used artificial insemination to breed the raptors in captivity and eventually two of the eggs hatched in late May.
By AlJazeera A Palestinian medical centre has said it had successfully carried out artificial insemination procedures by smuggling out the sperm of four Palestinians jailed by Israel.
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