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* An important factor in programming articulated arm robots is the occurrence of singularity situations.
At this year's PPMA Show, Pacepacker will showcase six different pick and place systems demonstrating the three main technologies - robotic (articulated arm, delta and Cartesian), electro/pneumatic Cartesian and bespoke styles - in Hall 5, Stand C50.
When moving up from manual to automated palletizing, most people start with the lowest-end robotic, the articulated arm, says Bobby Edmond, director of sales for HK Systems' von Gal palletizer line (800-457-9783,
With this alliance, SMI adds articulated arm robots to its systems and product offerings.
Contract notice: Collection of four aerial ladders with basket and articulated arm lio
Thus, 5-axis robots can perform many of the complex part-manipulation tasks historically assigned to 6-axis articulated arm units.
Flexible system components like an articulated arm and a small marking head also guarantee the easiest integration in tight production lines.
The patent dispute involves a key feature of articulated arm coordinate measurement machines, the ability to rotate the primary axis indefinitely without encountering a hard stop.
The company is a manufacturer of portable articulated arm coordinate measurement machines.