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A previously due payment that has not been made. For example, because preferred stock has guaranteed dividends, a company is legally required to pay all dividends on preferred stock before it makes any dividend payments on common stock. If the company does not do so, usually because it has become cash poor, the preferred dividends are said to be in arrearage. This is also called being in arrears.


(1) Being past due on a debt.(2) Paid at the end of the period rather than the beginning. Rent is usually paid in advance,at the beginning of the month for the coming month.Interest is usually paid in arrears,at the beginning of the month for interest accrued during the prior month.Real estate taxes are usually paid in arrears.

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I have given the relevant stakeholders on pension two weeks to sit and resolve matters on the pending issues of the payment of 33per cent pension arrears since the money had been disbursed,' he said.
PMA Gujrat President Dr Maqsood Zahid told Dawn that more than 200 doctors working in public health facilities of the periphery rural health centres and basic health units had been demanding payment of arrears for the last two years whereas around 200 others at teaching and THQ hospitals had not been paid the amount for seven months.
Without the premises, there is no business and no income generation to pay the arrears,' it said, adding the business is viable.
Newcastle was the first city to have Universal Credit rolled out in full, and the body which manages the city's council houses said in September Universal Credit claimants were more than PS1m in arrears on their rent.
The percentage of loans restructured after the beginning of 2014 until the end of the fourth quarter of 2016 with their restructuring terms being met translating into less than 8 days in arrears, banks posted a 68.
At present, if a mortgage holder in arrears cannot reach agreement with their lender on a restructuring, they may choose insolvency.
Depending on the information received, the council will then decide which enforcement method to use to collect the arrears if a suitable repayment arrangement is not agreed and kept to Q.
The account was in arrears by no more than two months and the councillor paid up in full.
According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), which represents banks, building societies and other lenders, the number of mortgages in arrears rose slightly to 93,300, from 92,500 in the previous quarter.
To another question, Ali Asghar said the payment of arrears was started in March this year and many women had received six instalments.
As council tax bills grow, councils are collecting more money but the value of arrears is also bigger.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court on Friday adjourned hearing of contempt petitions, against non-payment of double pension and its arrears to old pensioners, and sought a detailed report regarding method adopted for payment of arrears.