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A previously due payment that has not been made. For example, because preferred stock has guaranteed dividends, a company is legally required to pay all dividends on preferred stock before it makes any dividend payments on common stock. If the company does not do so, usually because it has become cash poor, the preferred dividends are said to be in arrearage. This is also called being in arrears.


(1) Being past due on a debt.(2) Paid at the end of the period rather than the beginning. Rent is usually paid in advance,at the beginning of the month for the coming month.Interest is usually paid in arrears,at the beginning of the month for interest accrued during the prior month.Real estate taxes are usually paid in arrears.

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Step One: Payments during the First Year (Table A)--After entry of a judgment awarding support arrearages, the first year's interest applicable to the new payments is determined by using table A below.
C) the obligor's support arrearage and retroactive support payment schedule; and
During that time, the debtor will have paid a significant sum to the lender to cure the pre-bankruptcy arrearage and to maintain current payments.
Enforcement of the Income Deduction Order may only be contested on the ground of mistake of fact regarding the amount owed pursuant to the order establishing, enforcing, or modifying the obligation, the arrearages, or the identity of the obligor, the payor, or the obligee.
However, a QDRO can also be used to retrieve all or a portion of the child support arrearages from the husband's 401(k) plan.
They may be used when the arrearage is small and/or the duration of the agreement will be three months or less.
In Vorwald, TC Memo 1997-15, the Tax Court recently ruled that the garnishment of a taxpayer's individual retirement account (IRA) pursuant to a judgment for child support arrearages was includible in his gross income and subject to the 10% early distribution penalty.
Another bill, that was to being discussed by the City Council last Friday, March 22nd, would permit the city to obtain a court order transferring the deed to a third party - presumably the lien certificate holder - after four quarters of arrearages.
Additionally, the bill codifies the federal requirement regarding the mandatory annual fee for support services provided by the Department of Revenue, as well as the federal requirement that states report individuals who owe arrearages of child support in an amount exceeding $2,500, so that the federal government can deny, revoke or limit that person's passport.