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This saves several trips of little armloads or leather slingloads on our old arthritic bodies, and I have the wheelbarrow maneuvering down to a fine art.
I did feel sorry for the occupational therapists; they both had armloads of gadgets (assistive devices) for quads (I mean tets).
Cllr Ramsey has also revealed that the couple received armloads of gifts for their new baby.
Stressed holiday shoppers lugging armloads of bags trudge from store to store and mall to mall, from Grand Junction to Greeley.
Extended, its coiled internal skeleton creates a sturdy container capable of holding armloads of vegetables, lawn clippings or weeds.
Enter the BARC scientists, with their armloads of melons, gourds, and other natural products.
Outside the home, UD helps truck drivers to deliver goods, students staggering under armloads of books to get to class, or my attendant to deal with my shopping cart full of groceries.
That overcast Sunday morning, I was also stopped in the street several times by young girls with armloads of flowers wanting directions to Kensington Palace.
They arrive separately, and while some gang members distract the sales staff, the others make off with armloads of merchandise.
Sutherland's daughter, Kathy Linehan, remembers that, "reading was the big occupation of the house" with weekly visits to the public library to return and check out armloads of books (K.
He remembered his father and his older brothers coming back from the fields in the summer with armloads of thin bamboo stalks.
And in the days before malling became a verb, Saturday afternoons often found us returning armloads of overdue library books.