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A limitation on the use of property, usually contained in the deed, in restrictive covenants appearing in the real estate records,or by virtue of local ordinances.

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All officers must collaborate closely with the local judiciary to set new terms of probation, such as curfews and area restrictions, tailored to individual probationers.
For instance, while recognizing the different restrictions on employee solicitation and distribution permissible in the retail and acute care hospital environments, the "Notice to Employees" recites only the most traditional rules pertinent to working time and work area restrictions.
The scheme-which will have no area restrictions and is funded until 2014 - secured EU backing of pounds 9.
They therefore objected not just to the details of the regulations but to any seasonal or area restrictions on the hunting of big game--though they did from time to time make compromise agreements, which were subsequently broken by government officials.
The opportunities JTF North missions provide to develop leadership skills and military occupational specialty (MOS) proficiency are rarely available at home station due to training area restrictions, lack of resources, and a variety of training distractions.
Before cutting down or pruning a mature tree, check with your local authority to make sure that it is not protected by planning conditions, conservation area restrictions or a Tree Preservation Order.