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This effectively implies that arbitrageurs will have to provide hB dollars of "risk capital" funded at Libor + f where f is the funding spread over Libor faced by the arbitrageur.
(5) We often think about hedge funds as textbook arbitrageurs that take positions in securities in the face of mispricings, and therefore help correct them.
are further legislative or judicial restrictions, appraisal arbitrageurs
(21) By buying up large positions after the announcement of a transaction, arbitrageurs can overcome the collective action problems that would otherwise render appraisal ineffective.
That deals are more likely to fail in a declining market and thereby result in losses for risk arbitrageurs probably accounts for this nonlinearity.
Specifically, they calculate arbitrageurs' portfolio weights under the assumptions that arbitrageurs comprise the entire private sector and U.S.
Both of these results are consistent with a model featuring preferred habitat investors who value low-duration bonds for collateral purposes and arbitrageurs who require compensation for bearing duration risk in proportion to the aggregate amount of duration risk held by the public.
The Jacklin arbitrage strategy is clearly impossible to execute if arbitrageurs do not have access to the hidden retrade market.
The contract builds on the success of DGCX's existing Indian rupee futures, which has attracted a wide range of participation from institutional players, traders and arbitrageurs. It has shown remarkable growth in the last four years, traded an average of more than $2 billion a day in the first quarter of the year.
Therefore, arbitrageurs (those who arbitrage) seek to take advantage of the price differences by buying commodities from a market where prices are low and selling them in markets where prices are higher.
Even allowing for some imports under tolling contracts, whereby manufacturers can re-export product at reduced export tariffs, increased flows of both metals last year were more likely a result of opportunistic plays by a handful of arbitrageurs, with financiers as likely to be the end-buyer as industrials.