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APT (1)

APT (2)

Arbitrage Pricing Theory

A pricing model that seeks to calculate the appropriate price of an asset while taking into account systemic risks common across a class of assets. The APT describes a relationship between a single asset and a portfolio that considers many different macroeconomic variables. Any security with a price different from the one predicted by the model is considered mispriced and is an arbitrage opportunity. An investor may use the arbitrage pricing theory to find undervalued securities and assets and take advantage of them. The APT is considered an alternative to the capital asset pricing model.
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It is here that Springer establishes the categories of critical responsiveness, moral concern, aptness, and gesture.
The human body routinely does this--alter the aptness of matter for animation by its own soul--when it assimilates nutrients that were once parts of other plants or animals and as such were once animated by other souls.
There's an insipid aptness to the fact that this year it's a celebration of 30 years of the BRITs.
Building on a foundation laid by historian William Braasch Watson and Allen Josephs, Kerstin Haman's "Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls: Rebellion and the Meaning of Politics in the Spanish Civil War" assesses the accuracy of Hemingway's depiction of the war's history and the aptness of the novel's love story.
And while most of the book is devoted to the particular aptness of the fantastic genres for the "crossover" process, chapter 4 explains why Haddon's work of "luminous realism," The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and other realistic YA fiction, also appeal equally to children and adults.
Yet on rereading the ending I was struck by the aptness of its ambiguity: in the final scene Sima and Lev gaze out at the fog-shrouded ocean, an image that captures both the vast longing and the uncertainty of love.
Music was similarly chosen for its aptness and included works by Vaughan Williams, Margaret Rizza, Brian Hoare, John Gardner, R L de Pearsall, Graham Kendrick and an arrangement by Davis Willcocks.
The anatomical aptness here is amplified by the neat phonetic fit between the verb and their object: at its best Marlowe's translation achieves an almost sculptural or tactile depth.
Atkinson went on to say that as a musician, Miller was "first rate," praising "the clean tone of the singing, the clarity of the lyrics, the aptness of the tempos, the variety and the occasional delicacy of the instrumental accompaniment.
After the democratic transition in 1989, there has been standing controversy as to the future of the monument and the aptness of its very existence.
Haserot has been dubbed by business associates and colleagues as "the cross-generational voice" because of her aptness to identify with people from 3 different generations that exist in today's workplaces (Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y/ Millenials).