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Arbitrage Pricing Theory

A pricing model that seeks to calculate the appropriate price of an asset while taking into account systemic risks common across a class of assets. The APT describes a relationship between a single asset and a portfolio that considers many different macroeconomic variables. Any security with a price different from the one predicted by the model is considered mispriced and is an arbitrage opportunity. An investor may use the arbitrage pricing theory to find undervalued securities and assets and take advantage of them. The APT is considered an alternative to the capital asset pricing model.
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My undying love and devotion to our troops cannot be aptly communicated by words, whether written or spoken.
However, this hooky toggle on a single chord aptly does show Kravitz's honest blend of the sacred and the profane.
In this fast-paced world, where time is at a premium, the PocketDisk is the solution for busy people of all ages with the "on-the-go" mentality who can benefit from the ease of simple plug-n-play, or more aptly plug-n-share.
Aptly titled, Opening Doors to Community Futures, the three-day conference featured a blend of informative workshops, seminars, plenary sessions, and the OACFDC Annual General Meeting and Policy Forum.
For The Insider is told - by a High Wycombe-based public relations firm - that, "Everton supporters are about to get their own aptly named pair of wines in order to celebrate their future victories."
Her lifework is celebrated in a new book, aptly titled Courage.
But more important, perhaps, the state he so aptly represented for 21 years in Congress carries 54 electoral votes that Gore badly needs to win his November battle.
The third chapter is devoted to an anonymous scribe Beal has aptly christened the Feathery scribe, whose "wispy, trailing strokes" (58) appear in well over 11,000 pages, as Beal's impressive appendix details.
It is aptly named, says Bobbie Mims, a social worker at the 157-bed, not-for-profit nursing home that is sponsored by the Sisters of St.
It was replaced by a tape of a rollicking good show about politics aptly named "It's a funny old world."
Bogger aptly describes the strategies Norfolk free blacks employed to surmount these difficulties, but he provides little insight into the ways in which family life and the institutional infrastructure of community in Norfolk - churches, schools, and mutual aid societies - mirrored the domestic arrangements and community life of free blacks in other urban areas along the eastern seaboard.
As he aptly sums it up, "Slaves won some of the battles, but masters won the war."