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That belonging to something of greater importance. Contracts usually describe a main structure and add a catchall for all appurtenances.

• In real estate law, easements, or the right to use another's property, may be appurtenant or in gross.

• If appurtenant, then the easement belongs to what is called the dominant estate (property) and passes to new owners for all time until the easement is abandoned. For example, an easement for ingress and egress over another's property is an easement appurtenant. The property that enjoys the easement is the dominant estate, and the property over which one may travel is called the servient estate. A sale of the dominant estate automatically includes a transfer of the easement, because it is appurtenant.

• Contrast with an easement in gross, which might be a right to park one's antique car at a friend's house and gain ingress and egress for purposes of using the car. This easement is personal and not tied to any particular real estate.

• This is a tricky area of the law that generally requires the assistance of a lawyer specializing in complex real estate issues. The seminal case on the subject is the 1850 English case of Ackroyd v. Smith.

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Therefore, this approach was taken for each appurtenance for the 610-mm (24-in) and 914-mm (36-in) diameter fans.
Associated Appurtenances To Complete This Project In The City Of Irving:
The City Of Columbus, Division Of Power And Water Is Obtaining Bids To Establish An Option Contract(s) For The Purchase Of Water Meters, Yokes And Meter Setters And Various Appurtenances For Installation In The City%s Water Distribution System.
Worn or deteriorated piping and other miscellaneous appurtenances will be replaced as needed at each lift station.
Contractor shall supply equipment, labor, tools, and materials for the installation of pressure reducing valves, vault, and appurtenances.
so negligently owned, maintained, and repaired the premises so as to cause them to be unfit for human occupation, in that the premises substantially failed to provide effective waterproofing and weather protection, allowing for growth of mold and/or fungi, resulting in buildings, grounds and appurtenances that were not clean and sanitary or otherwise fit for human habitation.
The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County seeks the provision of Material, equipment, and labor for the installation of approximately 1,000 linear feet of 12-inch and 2,500 linear feet of 8-inch water main, valves, fire hydrants and appurtenances for a complete project.
is a Columbia, Maryland professional manufacturers' representative organization serving the municipal, commercial and industrial markets with water and wastewater treatment equipment, pumps and appurtenances, plumbing and H.
of sixteen-inch ductile iron pipe, including an eight-mil polyethylene wrap, all appurtenances, and related structures.
Contract notice: Control infrastructure work on mission work on the drinking water, sewerage, stormwater and their appurtenances.
Construction of the new apron will entail the usage of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of excavation, 100,000 square yards of aggregate base and 100,000 cubic yards of concrete paving and related striping, lighting and electrical appurtenances.
00 LT Construction, Water System, Main and Service Line The City of Columbus is accepting bids for East Deshler Avenue Area Water Line Improvements, 690236-100058, the work for which consists of approximately 2,807 linear feet of 6" water main and appurtenances, 9,759 linear feet of 8" water main and appurtenances, 40 linear feet of 12" water main and appurtenances and other such work as may be necessary to complete the contract, in accordance with the plans numbered 14-089 and specifications set forth in this Invitation For Bid (IFB).