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In the next approximation the flat plate is replaced by a curved section of the bell, and again the inadequacy of the model is evidenced in figures 8.
The last is to give some plots and numerical examples corresponding to the obtained approximation results.
Narang: Common fixed points and invariant approximation for Gregus type contraction mappings, Rendiconti Circolo Mat.
Accelerating convergence of successive approximation method will always converge if the equation (3) converges.
In Section 3 we present (2,3)-Pade approximation for secular function.
2 Approximation in the time-frequency domain: the parameters
1, the assumptions generated above and a certain mathematical package we are able to generate an approximation of these data.
where 0 = [mu], [eta] < 1, then we say that the approximation is accurate to the order [gamma] with respect to the step functions on the time scale [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
In the papers mentioned above, a problem of vector data reduction is solved mostly by polygonal approximation (usually with heuristic methods) or by vector quantization.
This is the type of event for which the CLT can be used to justify a normal approximation for this probability.
Standard Gaussian approximation can be used to determine the BER probability for DS-CDMA based systems.